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Hookers and Advertising

No. This post is not about how advertising done in red light areas of Soho or Pattaya.
No. It’s also not about those moments when clients treat us like their very own bitches.
This write-up is inspired from a quote by Indira Sinha, a celebrated British copywriter of Indian origin. He said – “Advertising is the second oldest profession and it arose directly out of the needs of the oldest”. Now, for those who are wondering what’s the oldest profession in the world, I’d advice them not to read any further. For those who know about it, please do buzz me if this thought made you smile.

As I came across this thought, the first images that came to my mind were courtesans of different era and civilizations, followed by the ways they would have advertised. Was the word of mouth considered the best form of advertising back then? Or did they resorted to more aggressive ways, like standing in the streets or leaning from the balconies waving or winking, or maybe even flashing…only god knows what was the best advertising ‘strategy’ that worked in those times.

And since we are drawing some wild analogies, here’s an interesting one – If pimps came into being to facilitate the whole process by getting the attention of customers and drawing them to their ‘clients’, it’s hard to ignore, but we are working on a similar profile. Please don’t take me the wrong way, I have no intentions to demean any profession, but the bigger and more interesting picture here is how the oldest profession gave birth to the second oldest. And, how the baby known as advertising evolved over time.

If you think likewise or otherwise, keep me posted.


Armed and Divineness

Isn’t it amazing how much we admire non-violence yet the very idols we worship hold instruments of pain, agony and death. In Hinduism, we are supposed to bow down to 33,00,00,000 gods. But, if I remember correctly the most worshiped gods are only a few, namely Ram, Krishna, Shiv, Vishnu, Hanuman, Ganesh and it might just not be a co-incidence that all of them are armed, and have a favourite weapon, really, not a favourite flower, not any particular sweet, but a weapon. Even when it comes to the big trio, the least adulated is the one who is unarmed, the procreator Bhrama.

As per the old Indian adage Roti, Kapda and Makan are the most important things for a person to survive. Then, why are Annpurna and Vishwakarma not are the natural choice for our daily prayers? The reason why I feel this happens is because these simple elements cannot fulfill the needs of a complex human mind. We need more, we need motivation, we need a role model, we need a story that teaches us to stand for what’s right. We need an inspiration, everyday.

The epic stories, teachings and wisdom come from the biggest wars that our gods fought. When the demons are killed encomiums are composed. When the gods kill, festivals are born.

The only point that I am trying to make here is that can we really call ourselves peaceful when our very culture is born out of killings of epic proportions. And in this world where ‘might is right’ seems to be the only world order that people follow, the choice of gods is no exception.