Armed and Divineness

Isn’t it amazing how much we admire non-violence yet the very idols we worship hold instruments of pain, agony and death. In Hinduism, we are supposed to bow down to 33,00,00,000 gods. But, if I remember correctly the most worshiped gods are only a few, namely Ram, Krishna, Shiv, Vishnu, Hanuman, Ganesh and it might just not be a co-incidence that all of them are armed, and have a favourite weapon, really, not a favourite flower, not any particular sweet, but a weapon. Even when it comes to the big trio, the least adulated is the one who is unarmed, the procreator Bhrama.

As per the old Indian adage Roti, Kapda and Makan are the most important things for a person to survive. Then, why are Annpurna and Vishwakarma not are the natural choice for our daily prayers? The reason why I feel this happens is because these simple elements cannot fulfill the needs of a complex human mind. We need more, we need motivation, we need a role model, we need a story that teaches us to stand for what’s right. We need an inspiration, everyday.

The epic stories, teachings and wisdom come from the biggest wars that our gods fought. When the demons are killed encomiums are composed. When the gods kill, festivals are born.

The only point that I am trying to make here is that can we really call ourselves peaceful when our very culture is born out of killings of epic proportions. And in this world where ‘might is right’ seems to be the only world order that people follow, the choice of gods is no exception.


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