All work and no play makes jack a hell boy

To Shreyans,

Well, working like a donkey and being a workhorse are two different things. But life is such, that you get opportunity to work like both the members of the equestrian family. In both the conditions you learn a lot. Sometimes you understand how important it is to serve without asking questions, delivering what needs to be delivered, and sometimes you realise that life is so easy if you choose a smart way out. Both the ideologies don’t work everytime, you have to pick your moments, choose whether you want to canter or slog.
Being a workaholic I sometimes overload myself with work. Then out of nowhere appears those frustrating ailments, the pain that never existed suddenly grips your lower back, that neck of yours which swiveled like a chameleon gets stuck like a buffalo in marsh land, but the worst thing is that even though you are stuck neck-deep in helplessness there is no respite from work. It will approach you like a hungry lion heading towards a prey. That’s when work becomes hell and you become hell boy, minus the powers and the horns, but you act as edgy and volatile as the marvel comic hero. You try and neglect the pain like he tries to ignore his horns, but deep down we know we can’t escape the agony.
There is only one way out. It’s out. No seriously, get out, play, have fun, let your hair down, be a kid again at least for one day realise that freedom. Learn to balance work and play. Don’t be like the dull jack or a dull jackass for that matter. And don’t let work make your life hell.



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