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From “I wish I had never met you” to “I wish I had met you before”… you’ve come a long way Mr. Gupta

Kinda of a big deal for you …maybe the biggest compliment you’ve ever got! The natural progression of life leads one to many changes. You can be funny, you can be courteous, you can be chivalrous, you can be all-intellectual, you can be all that you want; but compliments like these come only when you become a complete package; something or someone that everyone would like to have or have around.

So, where do I go from here?

What’s the next compliment I should work for?

Maybe “Oh he, he’s a great guy!”

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Knock on wood!

She was coming towards me, walking at a brisk speed, just like any other 4o year old middle age aunty in the neighbourhood park, accompanied with a female of a similar description. There was nothing unusual about her, till the time she went out of her way with a smile on her face to touch the bark of a tree. And after making the contact, she re-joined her fast-moving friend on their journey to a seemingly better shaped future.

Nothing unusual, just a simple practice we Indians do to keep bad omens away from out happiness. We like to call this act “Touch Wood”. However, I found this act particularly interesting. I Googled it and found that it’s a global phenomenon, and is practiced in many countries like UK, Egypt, Ireland, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Sweden, Malaysia and Singapore.

Isn’t it interesting though we come from different regions, and believe in different believes, we all think we can protect the good things in life from the evil eye. Kinda ironical, that in this so called modern world, one thing that unites many cultures is supposedly a superstition!

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