You win some, you lose some!

B’coz sometimes you just miss the finish line
B’coz it’s tough to get up after getting knocked out
B’coz humans are supposed to bleed when hurt
B’coz it makes you feel as if you are like others
B’coz you are not your 100% everyday
B’coz it’s ok to get your ego shattered once or twice
B’coz sometimes you think a lot and sometimes you don’t even think twice
B’coz accepting defeat gracefully is also part of life
B’coz it prepares you better for future losses
B’coz accept it, you can’t win them all
B’coz life is not about winning every battle, but the ultimate war
B’coz sometimes it’s just another way of getting stronger
B’coz sometimes blessing does comes in a disguise
B’coz even when you lose you win a great experience


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