The ABC of Closure

How do you get closure over anybody or anything? How do you get over a traumatic experience? How do you make sure that things can get back to normal after something terrible has happened?

Here’s what I think.

A – acceptance, probably the most important part. Accept the reality. Be a man enough to face it. Things can go wrong, they do wrong, accept your mistake and accept the fact that you can’t control every little thing in your life.

B – belief, start believing that you’ll get over it. Don’t just say it believe it. Believe in the fact that nothing stays forever, not even the tough time that you are in, it shall soon pass. Believe in yourself, your strength, your family, your passion, whatever helps you get over the fiasco.

C – courage, it will hurt, it is supposed to hurt. Be strong throughout the whole time. There would be times when you’ll feel exceptionally weak. Stay stronger in such times. Talk to your pillars of strength. Find solace. And then do the most courageous thing that’s the toughest part as well – Forgive. Yes, it’s tough sometimes but when you truly forgive the ‘culprits’ you empower yourself to move-on.


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