What women want…I have absolutely no clue!

No, neither Mel Gibson was able to figure that out in the movie even with the supernatural powers that he had, so really it’s kinda unfair to expect a simpleton like me to answer it precisely. Some say they’ve come from venus…ok, I get it. But haven’t you been living on earth for millions of years, so would you please adapt and be a little more comprehensible. Not that I don’t enjoy intriguing nature of yours, but sometimes playing too hard to be understood is really a mood spoiler.

And what’s with ‘I can’t make up my mind you decide for me’ attitude? And when we do, of course, you have to disagree. One sure thing about men is that they are simple creatures. So please when you give us those subtle hints, please make sure you really want us to make the next move, otherwise I don’t really see a point.

Some would say we don’t get them. But the big question is – do you get yourself? And yes, we men are born with the inability to think beyond a point, and that is why we have fought for, and over you, over the years. The intelligent thing here, if I may suggest, is that you stop being intelligent. We are dumb. So, talk to us just the way you would talk to a mentally challenged person, well not really, but please be more clear in your head. I believe it’s easier for you to do that rather than expect us to get you, all the time. Please all the women in the world, this is my humble request, please become a little more easy to understand. Please.


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