It’s the era of doers

When I saw the commercial for the first time it reminded me of the ‘Think Different’ commercial by Apple. Similar voiceover, similar style of presenting the ‘spirited people’ as the protagonist of the message, and later bringing the product into the frame.

Times have changed. Maybe when Apple came up with the commercial 256s were creating a buzz in the market. Today, the processors are way, way faster. But what about the idea industry?

Apple encouraged to think. Lenovo is encouraging to do. But aren’t these two words interdependent? Is thinking of any use without doing? Or doing without thinking can ever be encouraged? I feel the irony of the situation is, the people who come up with these ideas (ad agencies) are doing neither of them, thinking different or doing different. Doer can also be just an executioner, and I’m afraid that’s what we are becoming, glorified executioners. And execution can never be an idea.

Maybe, the next company would tell us to envision and become visionaries. But I don’t see a paradigm shift in the business of ideas unless we become ‘those who do’, pun intended.

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