25 years. 25 realizations.

Quarter of a century gone. Tomorrow I turn 25. Suddenly I feel old, but with old age comes good ‘ol wisdom.

Here are 25 things that I have learnt till now:

  1. Sometimes life looks a lot complicated, but it’s actually kinda simple…it’s is all about being happy.
  2. In a dog eat dog world, we all start as underdogs. It’s only your will that makes you the alpha dog. Till that time be ready to be treated like a bitch (I am not a dog lover but this is what happens when you watch way too many Hindi movies…).
  3. Knife in right hand, fork in left (it took me a lot of time to get it right, we Indians usually eat with our hands).
  4. Peanut butter sucks.
  5. Jalapeno gives me sour burps.
  6. It always pays to follow your dreams. If you are lucky like me, the payment becomes your paycheck.
  7. No matter how much you earn it’ll always look like peanuts.
  8. Beyond a point, talent dosen’t matter. Right attitude is the best talent one can have or develop over a period of time.
  9. Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.
  10. Choose a role model. If you can’t, choose yourself.
  11. When you drive rashly to impress, nobody notices. When you bump into a tree, nobody misses it.
  12. Books are your best friend. Movies are your girlfriends.
  13. Sports make you fit. Games make you fat.
  14. When you have to open a lock with bunch of keys in your hand and you don’t know which is the right key. Don’t go hit and trial, just read the brand name of the lock and match it with the name embossed on the key.
  15. Opinions are overrated. Onions are overpriced.
  16. Not everything in life has to make sense.
  17. Black-coloured-clothes can give the illusion that you have lost weight overnight.
  18. The most important skill in life is understanding people OR is it being able to fix your own car…hmmm!
  19. If you are interesting you will always have friends. If you are too interesting for them, you will lose them.
  20. In the end it all evens out.
  21. “Life’s not fair. Get used to it.” – Donald Trump
  22. “You haven’t lost if you are still breathing.” – Shreyans Gupta
  23. Marriage is an institution. Where 95% of the people can’t score more than B-.
  24. Biscuits/cookies are a bachelor’s survival food.
  25. 🙂 ; Always, no matter what!
  26. Always go the extra mile even if it means giving your readers the 26th point when you promised 25.
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