Where Captain America and Obi Wan Kenobi were posing together for their Facebook profile pic!

(When Dr. Bruce Banner is angry he turns into Hulk. When Hulk’s really angry he turns into me…)

The only place where the Hulk was green yet chillin, where superman could comfortably wear his red underwear over his tights, where Batman and Joker were together ogling  at Poison Ivy’s ass, where the Jedi light saber was actually made of a blue fluorescent tube light. This was every geek’s final fantasy, this is where all the nerds feel at home, this was the congregation of  comic lovers, addicted gamers, dweebs who are yelled at by their parents everyday to switch off their XBoxes and go to sleep, this was the gathering of the people who refuse to grow up, who are still clinging on to their childhood dreams of living a fantasy, This was COMIC CON 2012, DELHI.


So, the event was held in Delhi Haat, an established cultural centre in the capital. It was my first comic con, so I decided to go as the character that I’m really fond of – Myself. Nah…the real reason is I looked fat and ugly in the Wonder Woman costume and the plastic costume of Iron Man didn’t seem to justify the superpowers, and since it was a no-alcohol event I couldn’t carry rum and act drunk like Captain Jack Sparrow or let’s just say I was too lazy to do anything that’s why I’m finding excuses.


The Avengers stall was one of the most happening one. Especially the Thor hammer-throw game seemed pretty exciting. Later in the evening Iron Man came on the stage, the irony was (pun intended), the suit was so heavy and tough to carry, that people had to literally support him on the stage. Finally the Cosplay (short for costume play) results were out and the jedi with tube-light cum light saber won the trip to Disneyland Singapore.

Truly an amazing day filled with superheores, comics. stupidity, fun freebies, and hanging out with adults that are born with a childike imagination. Hmm… don’t have that many words to describe the day, than just one INTERESTING!

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