Laugh Out Loud!


because life is too stupid to be taken seriously,
because it is funny when someone slips on a banana peel,
because there are enough sitcoms on TV and internet,
because life IS all fun and games,
because as a kid you never had to find a reason to laugh,
because that’s how easy ‘being happy’ is,
because you have at least one hangover story to boast of,
because if you don’t have one you can create it, right now,
because it is one of the best ways to de-stress,
because people around you are characters,
because you can always find a friendly neighbourhood dog,
because statistics reveal that 88.7% people look better when they laugh,
because you can always make up stupid statistics,
because life isn’t going exactly how you planned yet you still make plans,
because you know in hindsight every experience is a good one,
because laughing your heart out is one of the simplest things to do,
because life is too stupid to be taken seriously.

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