Trying to act like an aficionado…


Before I even took the first sip I had to smell it, showing everyone around a new way to savour Kawha, a celebrated Kashmiri tea / beverage. All I could sense was that the tea had cinnamon, saffron and shredded almonds (I am guessing). Just took another sip, yes, it is shredded almond for sure. Or maybe I should google the ingredients later.
The charm of sitting in a premium tea shop is that you can take your own sweet time to finish your cup. Usually it takes me around 3 minutes 27 seconds to finish my cup of tea, but here I’ve been trying to sip it for more than 28 minutes.
Well I am not an authorised gourmet and I don’t host any wanderlust shows that come on NatGeo, but thanks to my tea-drinking experience of more than 20 years I can recommend this hot cup of Kawha to all my friends. 🙂
(this blog is being written from ‘Passion my cup of tea’, PVR Priya, Vasant Lok, New Delhi.)

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