I’m like an open (face)book


Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

I’m astonished that they still haven’t given you the Nobel Prize. You have brought together millions of people around the world. If that doesn’t shouts / yells / speaks – “Peace” then I don’t know what does?

Yes, some managers / supervisors / bosses / anti-social elements would blame you for cutting down on their organization’s productivity / man-hours / office time and what not, but I have my reasons to thank you… 

And here they are:

  • I’m an introvert person. And some say a little complicated. It’s not like I don’t have friends, but it’s more like I can’t open up to everyone. I take my own sweet time to call someone my friend. One big reason is because it’s tough to really know people, the real side. But with FB it’s easy to become friends with people. It’s almost like real friendship minus the intensity, pressure scope of getting hurt.
  • Through my witty status updates atleast I know people ‘LIKE’ me.
  • No matter how many times I update my profile picture nobody calls me a narcissist.
  • I can portray myself better, atleast in the virtual world, I can come close to my ideal self.
  • Some would say it’s a great medium to stay in touch with old friends, lost acquaintances, ex-colleagues and the people you never wanted to stay in touch with in the first place; but for me it has been a medium to connect to myself better. Coz in order to have an interesting profile there’s only one way – to actually be and stay interesting.
  • Thanks to the timeline option, I can see myself growing and evolving.

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