But why Superman? Why not a tribal design or a skull or something like a skull with flames…?

This Superman tattoo (or the S-shield tattoo as my dear fellow nerds would say) that you can see on my neck was my twenty fifth birthday present to myself. And yes, it’s real. And yes, it hurts when you get a tattoo done. And yes, it’s gonna stay there forever because it’s real. Phew… now I have answered the most Frequently Asked Questions I have been getting since I’ve got myself inked.

Now I’ll try to answer a few more evolved questions. Some have been asked, and some, I am sure will be asked in the times to come.

  1. Why not Batman?
    Hmm… I more of a morning person, and unfortunately, not a billionaire. I operate alone and I hate sidekicks that wear hideous costumes of red, yellow and green. And I consider being a superhero is always better than being a vigilante. And again, I really, really like to sleep at nights.
  2. Why not go for some cool tribal art design?
    I like to see myself as a sophisticated, urban, not-into-voodoo kind of a guy. That’s why.
  3. Why not have a pierced heart (where a dagger goes through a heart and something like True Love is written…)?
    Why have it in ink when you already have one inside?
  4. What about Dragons?
    Flame throwing dragons…they remind me of an incident when I hogged on hot Mexican food and had severe gastric trouble. My burp was lethal enough to kill a full cavalry of nights…so…NO.
  5. Pinup girls are sexy…aren’t they?
    They indeed are my friend. They are indeed. But there are a lot of “if onlys” involved (if you know what I mean).
  6. Hey, you should go for spiders and bugs…those creepy crawly thingies…
    Maybe, but I am too scared of being targeted with fly swatters, rolled-up newspapers and other home-stuff that turns into bug squashers.
  7. And most importantly…Why Superman?
    Superman flies; he flies high. He’s free. He’s strong and he never gives up. He’s the original superhero. He lives for the people. He’s a people friendly superhero, he smiles and they wave back at him. Whenever there’s trouble he’s ready, all he has to do is take his shirt off. He’s different, he doesn’t belong with the earthlings yet he keeps serving them without asking for anything. And despite of all the differences he’s just like us. He needs his space, thus, the Fortress of Solitude, and he has his weaknesses in Kryptonite. Yet he always finds his way. He’s an optimist. And he wears spectacles when he’s Clark Kent, and incidentally I have a similar frame. Last but not the least Superman and I, both have the same first initial. 😛

There’s a superhero in all of us. We all were born to achieve greatness in our own ways. We fight the bad guys, sometimes they are out sometimes they lie within. We all face challenges on a daily basis. We all want to be free, we all want to fly. This ridiculously gutsy tattoo (as one of my dearest friends once called it) reminds me of what all I can be. It tells me to stay strong no matter what comes your way. It is a reminder to myself that I am meant for special things in life and giving up is not an option.

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