Can two negatives make a positive? Only in the math class. Only.


Or maybe even in blood group compatibility, but in life, it seems pretty impossible. (Oh oh, can’t really use this word as every optimist keeps that “the word impossible itself says i m possible” crap etched on their tongue). The problem with this quote is that it works only for optimists!

Certain things are pretty clear in my head about this ‘glass half full half empty’ notion. Like the ones who like to see the sunny side up are the ones who generate energy, they are the ones you look up to in times of trouble, they usually win, and if they are really determined the lose untill they win. And most importantly those sulky petty-minded grumpy people who like to crib about anything and everything under the sun also admire them (but the irony is they are too negative to admit it).

Now let’s talk about negative people.

Nah! Who cares about them? Bloody energy suckers. They are invisible and they don’t matter anyways.

I think I am an eternal optimist. Sometimes even an incorrigible optimist. But still, it’s better than being an eternal cribber with no other motive in life than just finding faults in people, surroundings and their negative miserable lives.

So be an optimist. Cause we are better and we are able to smile a lot. And we win a lot. Even if we don’t we make a beautiful story out of it, with a moral of course. Cause it’s more meaningful and graceful to have hope in your heart than to just cry over spilled milk. Here’s how I did it:

  • Just remember – ‘Shit Happens’. But you can always flush it, can’t you?
  • Take it easy! Cause heaven is not going to fall that easily if you screw up.
  • SMILE. Cause that empowers you to look ahead.
  • Make your vocabulary positive. Pinch yourself every time you use the words ‘can’t’ or ‘impossible’ or ‘too tough’ or ‘I suck’.
  • Laugh everyday. Read a joke everyday.
  • Let it go. Just get rid of those painful memories that are the very vital foundation of your pessimism.
  • Ask yourself “What am I scared of so much?”
  • Stop overthinking.
  • Just do it. Cause the greatest tagline of all time wasn’t written by a pessimist.
  • Laugh at yourself. People do it anyway behind your back. And to me it seems like a good idea to join them.
  • Just be grateful in life.
  • Lose the company of negative thoughts and people. They don’t add any value.
  • Use smilies in your text and status updates.

In the end just remember it’s all about being happy. And for an optimist being happy is much easier any day.

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