Nobody takes care of you. Tons of expectations. Mistakes make you look like a moron. And what about the receding hairline?

  • Plus you have to pay taxes. And pretend as if you know why you pay it!
  • You have to say hasta la vista to siesta
  • There is no playtime. Only time for physical activities to make sure your waist doesn’t show how much you waste on junk food
  • Your innocent eyes don’t save you from your boss’ wrath
  • Summer vacations turn into just summers
  • Being friends with someone just because you both like the same candy flavour doesn’t happen anymore
  • A cold “wassup” replaces a warm hug
  • Crying has to be done very discreetly
  • Worse. You have to laugh cautiously
  • “Because I don’t want to” is not an acceptable answer
  • There are bigger problems in your life than homework. Like working from home
  • You have to stop asking stupid questions. And when you try to find their answers yourself the world calls you stupid
  • People laugh with you less, behind you, more
  • Nobody tells you “It’s Ok” anymore
  • Not many people think you are cute when you make crazy faces
  • Not many girls come towards you just to pinch your chubby cheeks
  • “What do you plan to do?” becomes more important than “What you are actually doing?”
  • You know a lot more now. You understand too many things. You feel several emotions. Enough to make you forget how you can stay happy for no reason
  • Smirks replace giggles
  • Cigarettes replace Lolly Pops
  • You grow big in size but your heart shrinks
  • Intelligence becomes more important than good intent
  • The only thing you share now are links on Facebook
  • The colours in your life are restricted to your wardrobe
  • Savings become more important than savouring every moment
  • And again you have to pay taxes and pretend as if you know why you pay it!

Do we all miss childhood or what?

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