I want to write a poetry…

The problem is though I am an actor and I can mime
Have a heart, a bucket full of emotions, but I can’t rhyme

Haven’t been to a war, oh no, no way
Can’t write stories of bravery like Hemmingway

Live in a concrete jungle, rising or setting, can’t see the sun
The beauty of the night, the shimmer of the stars, can’t see none

Still in search for my Monalisa, I don’t have a muse
Women are so intriguing, forget inspiration, I get confuse

Being pretty young to narrate stories about how times have changed
Live a pretty standard boring life nothing special, nothing deranged

Dream to write about something meaningful something worthwhile
Don’t expect too much from it but I’ll be happy if it makes you smile

Imagination, expression and feelings will make my poetry
It’ll be about being human, being strong and being free

I want to write a poetry…
I want to write a poetry…

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