Maybe life’s a bitch, but you don’t have to act like one!

Stop crying coz life taught you a lesson or two,
when all the conquerors can fall then who the f*** are you?

Stop hiding behind your past saying “I’ve been hurt”,
we all go thru pain and tears yet no one’s an expert.

Stop cribbing about bad luck and releasing negative vibes,
you don’t need money to be happy, learn from Sub Saharan tribes.

Stop slowing down when you should be speeding up,
life’s too short for over thinking and screwing it up.

Stop blaming others for your failures, act a little strong,
you create your own destiny, don’t get it? Then you are wrong.

Stop being so selfish and stop saying that you’ve been through shit,
problems are a part of life and we all have taken a hit.

Stop running away from the truth coz it’s gonna find you anyways,
being a good person is easy, and to start, there are many ways.

Stop treating people like puppets by using them at your will,
otherwise you’ll end up alone and pathetic, like a lonely old woman who lives up the hill…

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