Have sex with your work!

Because that’s the only way to enjoy it.
And please stop saying stuff like ‘work is worship’. Because we don’t keep magazines with pictures of the pope below our mattresses. Religion, for most of us is a mere obligation not an overwhelming experience. Our minds are trained to think dirty. Research suggests that an average human being thinks about sex every six seconds. But what if we turn this obsession of ours into something more productive. Like becoming the blue  eyed boy / girl at work.

Study Karmasutra

Be thorough with your work. Make sure you know anything and everything, because that’s when you really become an expert. Right?

Think of moves…new ones

How will you surprise your boss, your superior, your clients and most importantly yourself. Come up with something new every day. The idea is to mix and match. Sometimes be sober, sometimes crazy, sometimes passionate and sometimes, just be somebody else.

Do role plays

How would your boss do it? How would your office boy approach this problem? How would your client think? Think.

Use protection

Make sure your experiments don’t sabotage your working relationship with the people around.

Have fun

Isn’t that what it’s all about? If you love your work it loves you back. Don’t become a workaholic become a workaphilic (workaphile actually).

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