Looks like James Bond. Acts like Austin Powers.

If you haven’t seen Archer you are missing out on a lot. The douchiest spy ever, may fail to accomplish even the simplest of missions, but he successfully delivers a great show, full of stupidity, action, double entendres, misfired bullets, careless accidents, in almost every episode. And just like any other spy fiction / movie / novel / series / anecdote, the protagonist is surrounded by babes who can kick ass, and also, have a great ass. Lana Kane, who plays Archer’s partner is  a full bodied, Beyonce-like-bootilicious, extremely sensual, black secret agent. And then there are other girls that keep seducing Archer from time to time. Most of them, luckily, are Russian.

Great sequences. Extremely funny yet intelligent script. Well defined quirky roles of various characters. And a lot of action, packed with random acts of stupidity. This is one show I highly recommend. And so does IMDB (rated 8.9/10)!

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