What an impoverished writer has to say about two broke girls.


Two delicious reasons why I’ve been watching this sitcom are right in front of you. And I wish I could say it was the cupcakes, but it isn’t. In this world obsessed with perfect 10 figures (or is it size zero?), Kate Dennings’ full bodied persona not only captures the attention of old school men like me, but also perfectly fits the character of Max, a real girl who’s tough, independent, smart but has a cynical point of view towards life. She has to work as a waitress in the night and as a baby sitter in the day time to make the ends meet.

Now moving on to the other broke girl, Caroline Channing, played by Beth Behrs, was actually a heiress of a billion dollar fortune. But lost everything as her father was sent to jail for being involved in a nationwide fraud. She also starts working at the same diner as miss-so-curvy-so-hot has been serving coffee for quite some time. Quite naturally, they become friends. But due to Caroline’s big time MBA degree from a Stanford like school and her enterprising and entrepreneurry  DNA, she recognizes  a business opportunity in Max’s delightful home-made cupcakes.

Every episode takes you through their quest to save money for their business plan, and how things go here there and everywhere. A typical sitcom scenario. Though the series is pretty oestrogen-led, and probably guys would be thinking why in the world should I watch this series with a radiating pink aura, may I suggest you scroll up a little a bit and you’ll get a handful of reasons why you shouldn’t miss it.

Other attractions of the series would be a Ukrainian cook who cooks without a shirt, and desperately wants to get into the girls’ pants. Han Lee, diner owner of Chinese origin, who undoubtedly is the cutest character of the series, always trying his hand on new gimmicks to increase diner sales, and trying everything under the sun to look hip to fit into the American culture.

(P.S. – I thank the person who recommended me 2 Broke Girls. For those who think that I’ve tried to objectify women, or, my opinion of beauty is very superficial; in my defence, I just happen to be a big fan of curves. And sitcoms. And Kate Dennings.)

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