It’s my way or the highway! Bow Wow.


No matter how small, how immature, how insignificantly inexperienced they make you feel, stick to your paws…err…I mean guns. Learn how to deal with the officers/constables who are going to stop you from time to time and ask you for your licence to live. Keep it handy. It’s your smile. Your stupid, innocent, infectious, please-let-me-go-I-am-so-sweet smile. And it goes well with the puppy face, the one you make while chatting with your friends ^_^

Yes, there’ll be bigger, meaner, shit-expensive rides, riding alongside, on the road to your dreams, and it’s scarier to know that their destination happens to be the same, but don’t let those bitches intimidate you. Remember, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Plus, you have the mind controlling, decision changing, awwwwstrucking superpower called the Puppy Face. It’s okay if lightening and thunderstorm scare you into your comfort zone sometimes. It’s okay to hog on food, and letting people point out that you’ve got some of it on your nose. It’s okay to feel a little lost on the streets, you will find your way, if not, somebody else will pick you up and drop you home. Remember to thank them. Lick their face if you can, or go for something less inappropriate like a smile and a handshake. But let your smile reach your eyes. Always.

So, go ahead… go pee on poles and own them, mark territories as big as your ideas. Stay playful,  friendly, do open the doors for the woman who makes your tail go wagging. Stay innocent and believe in your dreams of becoming a top dog someday, because that’s how puppies roll.

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