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Are we there yet?


While everyday raises that question,
Living happens in high anticipation.

Still a long road to go,
Legs hurt, got sore toe.

Trying hard to achieve perfection,
Getting lost while finding direction.

Laugh when I see success in mirage,
Pleasantly smile when see a kind visage.

Music is my constant companion,
Because friends treat you like a minion.

Lookout for the love of my life,
Piercing hatred with a sharp knife.

Waiting for milestones to reach me,
Stumbling on lessons that teach me.

Seems like I’ve walked a million mile,
More importantly, I’ve made many smile.

Endless desires is what makes my journey,
Pursuit of endless happiness and a lot of  money.

All that I aspire, I bet I will get,
Still I keep asking myself, “Are we there yet”?

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What better way to celebrate New Years than to jump off a height of 272 feet?


So, I am in Rishikesh for the New Years celebration and what better way to do it than recreating those movie moments where Mafia guys throw the incompetent accountant from the roof?

I reached Jumpin Heights, a small adventure resort in Mohan Chatti, a destination 1 hour away from the very popular holy destination of Rishikesh. I pay a huge amount of 2700 bucks to experience gravity, the way it’s meant to be, at 9.8 meter per second square.

I reach the yellow metal bridge, where a female instructor from Switzerland tells me in her ‘isht bisht misht’ accent, “Yourr shoulderrs arre too brroad, you don’t fit in our harrrnesss!” Followed by “Oh you have Superrman tattoo, what else arre you hiding?” Can a man who’s gonna experience Adrenaline Rush in just a few minutes get a better ego massage?

So, I reached the jumping point, with harness tightly tied to my waist, and to my ankle. I was walking like a person who’s kidnapped and trying to escape with the legs tied, moving both of them together. I was given the final set of instructions, after which I spread my arms, took a deep breath, listened to the instructor shout, 3,2,1 BUNGEE. And I jumped!

With my head first I jumped around three feet away from the cliff, and for two seconds I think my heart stopped beating. I was shouting my lungs out. As blood was rushing down to my head. And unlike they show it in movies I couldn’t have my slow motion moment when my entire life flashes before me…damn! I was expecting some drama.

My rope reached had hit its bottom, and with a jerk I stopped, of course my weak neck was more than willing to take it. And after swinging a little here and there, up and down, I was now hanging in the air like a vampire bat whose flying days are over.

Hanging by my ankles, all I could think of was “I should have tied my shoe laces tighter, and I don’t want to lose my shoes that seemed to be slipping away”. They pulled me down, unharnessed me, gave me a “I’ve got guts” badge and told me it was a good jump. But I’ll soon go back again as I want to perfect my jump and do it like professionals, and also because the Swiss trainer was kinda cute 🙂

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