Are we there yet?


While everyday raises that question,
Living happens in high anticipation.

Still a long road to go,
Legs hurt, got sore toe.

Trying hard to achieve perfection,
Getting lost while finding direction.

Laugh when I see success in mirage,
Pleasantly smile when see a kind visage.

Music is my constant companion,
Because friends treat you like a minion.

Lookout for the love of my life,
Piercing hatred with a sharp knife.

Waiting for milestones to reach me,
Stumbling on lessons that teach me.

Seems like I’ve walked a million mile,
More importantly, I’ve made many smile.

Endless desires is what makes my journey,
Pursuit of endless happiness and a lot of  money.

All that I aspire, I bet I will get,
Still I keep asking myself, “Are we there yet”?

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