So, a frail grey hair raises its ugly head the day I turn 26. Well played God, rub it in!

Baby has a funny shocked expression

And BTW I have the same spikey hairstyle. Last Monday,  on my 26th birthday just when I was getting ready for office, collecting my hair from the sides and forming a cute mountain range in the centre. I saw something so terrifying, so dreadful that I understood how bad guys must have felt after seeing Batman, you know that I’m your worst nightmare feeling.

However, my worst night mare wasn’t dark. It was white. Yes, a frail, ugly, antihero who stood apart like an outlaw, from other peaceful dark brown community of strands. Unlike my bouncy, regularly conditioned full-bodied hair, this one looked like an alien. A pale creature from outer space who didn’t belong where it stood, and it stood like a SIGN.

Am I getting old and do I need to change drastically; was the question that it raised, as it rose above. Only then I had this grey-haired epiphany.  The answer, is YES.

I need to change and let the kid inside me take over completely.

I am running out of time and there is none to waste on fear.

I need to smile more often, because that’s the only wrinkle that looks good my face.

I have to meet more people and tell them how one grey hair can teach you so much.

I have to buy more funny tee shirts before my head goes all salt and pepper.

I need to confabulate more and more, with far greater intensity, so I create my ideal life, sooner.

I need to LIVE MORE as I am not getting any younger, or getting any more dark brown bouncy full-bodied hair.

So I better hurry up!

*Keeps the laptop aside, runs away*

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4 thoughts on “So, a frail grey hair raises its ugly head the day I turn 26. Well played God, rub it in!

  1. Ritika Jajodia says:

    watta a Drama Queen

  2. Ritika Jajodia says:

    wat* a* Drama Queen

  3. shreyanswers says:

    More like a drama infant. A hyper super paranoid kid. An overthinker with a streak of grey. Being a drama queen is just so mainstream 😛

  4. Mahima K. says:

    Haha, I like how you’ve written the 2nd para.

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