So it took 41,95,389,057 bullets to finally kill one of the best action movie franchise.


Collectively, in all five movies, it’s safe to say that John McClane has dodged more bullets than the number of stars there are in the sky. Wait a minute, that sounds a little too much. God didn’t make that many stars. ūüėõ

But we, the die hard fans of the Die Hard series believed you. Because you gave us the most admirable logical intuitive cop who had this knack of getting ¬†stuck at the wrong place at the wrong time, every time. The thing that moved us about this guy was how he kept saying that “he didn’t give a fuck” yet rescuing the city was all he did. How he kept denying that he’s no hero yet he kept saving the day by killing bad guys. How he kept cribbing about how tough it is to fight without shoes Or on a Christmas Eve Or with a killer headache. How he was smart enough to detect a¬†villain’s¬†bluff yet dumb enough to forget to call his wife.

John McClane’s presence of mind is what made him special. And his¬†perseverance¬† made him immortal for us action movie junkies. ¬†So, what went wrong now? Is the question.

  • A lose predictable average script; nowhere close to the standards set by the previous 4 blockbusters.
  • What happened to the wit? The sarcasm? The trademark American humour? The sadistic/masochistic comments? What happened to the you-might-shoot-me-right-between-the-eyes-but-you-can’t-stop-me-from-making-fun-of your-bad-hairstyle kind of devil may care attitude?
  • Why was the movie so short?
  • Why are they trying to build a¬†character ‘McClane Jr.’ to fill the ‘Yeti size’ shoes of¬†¬†Bruce Willis. Let the franchise die, gracefully. We all realise the original is too old to fight bad guys.
  • Though John keeps repeating that he’s on a vacation¬†while he keeps fighting, the cribbing does ¬†not have the same effect as before.
  • But most importantly why not give us a plot that would keep us on the edge of our seats?¬†

However, it’s still not the worst movie of all time. They are still the best when it comes to making a havoc in the city action sequences. Go if you don’t have anything else to do, but clearly the series has lost its soul. John McClane has lost his mojo. And somewhere somebody lost the plot. Completely.

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