Women’s Day Special: Can stars help me flirt better?


Aries: she is the alpha female of the pack, always at the front of the queue and kick-starting everything from projects to dinner dates. So, I’ll let her take the lead on the dance floor; she can hold the rose in her mouth and give it to me seductively.

Taurus: she has a hot and fiery temper, and will unleash it when pushed to the limits. So I need to carry enough songs in my i-pod that could calm her down. Because my stupid questions, on our date, will push her buttons. The wrong ones.

Gemini: she is extremely clever and has the ability to discuss every subject under the sun – politics, religion, travel – then just as easily switch to talking about the latest celebrity faux pas. So, I need two Ws for this. A Wingman and Wikipedia. And of course I’ll be wired like a cool secret agent.

Cancer: she is ruled by the Moon and her moods wax and wane like the lunar cycle. So no dates on a full moon night. She might turn into a Werewolf.

Leo: she is the one with the loudest laugh, the brightest smile, and the most confident strut of them all.  So all I need to do is dress up in a Zebra costume and she’ll feast on me. That’s easy.

Virgo: she is very discerning, a natural critic and a sharp analyzer of everything and everyone. Highly intuitive, she has the ability to sense what is off-key about a person or situation, and hone in onto this with intent to improve. So no flirting with this kind. They are way too smart.

Libra: she embodies fairness, justice, and balance. So discussing any popular unresolved court case where an innocent was wrongly accused will be the perfect ice breaker *start searching old newspapers*.

Scorpio: she should never be taken lightly. They aren’t fluffy or cuddly creatures by any stretch of the imagination. Direct, and brilliantly sharp, Scorpio women only focus on the fundamental essence of any issue and disregard the superfluous. So, asking “your place or mine” straightaway seems to be the only option. Sigh!

Sagittarius: She is versatile and exceedingly charming and enjoys every experience that comes her way. So, I have the liberty to use 10 different pick up lines on the same night. She might just like one of them!

Capricorn: she will often leave everyone else behind in the dust with her lofty ambition and inner drive, and toss anything or anyone out of the way to make her date with destiny. So be chivalrous and open doors for her, always. Avoid causalities.

Aquarius: she is the ultimate non-conformist. So I’ll ask for a ‘table for four’on our date, allowing her more space that every water bearer keeps cribbing about.

Pieces: she is a mysterious, sensual mermaid, her secrets kept secure behind inscrutable dark eyes. So definitely not going in a Pirate costume and not staring directly into her eyes. Getting carried away can be fatal here.

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