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The difference between art and copy is that writing good copy is a dying art.

Broken-Pencil-CreativeYes, sometimes I feel we copywriters are a more endangered specie than Leatherback Sea Turtle or Mediterranean  Monk Seal. Huh, funny name, creates a picture in your mind of a seal dressed up in a browninsh maroon robe and shaking its bum on a Habibi-Habibi track. Seeeeee how well I used a cultural stereotype to make a serious issue of endangered animals look frivolous. That’s what we copywriters do; we sell Happiness.

But lately in a world dominated by visual ads, where the visual joke has taken over, it’s tough for us wordy-storytellers to survive. Every art person wants a shorter headline. And by shorter headline they mean an emotional synonym of Just Do It. Needless to say in three words only.

No wonder you see a headline like “Luxury Redefined” on a newspaper ad and wonder, “Where have I read this before?”. I’ll tell you where, in 14,98,45,05,382 ad campaigns written all around the world. Funny part is that the client would pump in so much money just to advertise a blind spot.

Every episode of Mad Men, makes me feel bad for our generation of writers. Freedom to write, play with words, do word-play, be clever, be ironic is so little. And speaking of irony, isn’t it bizarre that we make dumbed-down communication for a generation that lives, breathes, thinks Smart Phones.

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Joining my new office, bearing a sincere look on my face the entire day, and exuding an aura of a dedicated worker is how I celebrated my April Fools’ Day, this year.

And since we are slaves of the first-impression-last-impression philosophy, I think from now onwards I’ll be perceived as a serious guy who completes his work on time.

And just by imagining the look on everyone’s face when they find out that they’ve hired the biggest eleventh-hour-fifty-ninth-minuter, gives me goosebumps.

So, Royal Stag people, if you are reading this, make me your brand ambassador, because when it comes to fooling people, I think I have made it large.

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