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72 hours of continuous work turned me into a zombie. And surprisingly, a better person too.


So you are informed late Friday evening that you are supposed to work on a pitch for a major electronic brand. As a result you cancel your vacation and decide to stay back in office, because you would rather live a hectic life than enjoy Maa ke haath ka khana. 

For two straight days after working in multiple directions we were lost. Me and my art partner. Primary reason, there was no senior to lead us.

Lesson 1: No matter how talented you are, you can get confused if you lack direction.

Sunday morning our boss came from Mumbai, and as I introduced him to our massive creative block. He said, “Good that you are confused, so am I”.

Lesson 2: No matter how talented and experienced you are, it’s okay to be confused and lost sometimes.

Those words calmed me down. And at that very moment I knew we’ll make it through. We spent next hour and a half doing something very productive. Any guesses? Cracking jokes and discussing anecdotes.

Lesson 3: Come what may, never lose your sense of humour.

Next day was the presentation, and by evening we were half done with our ads. And I was told to go and supervise editing of not one but two montages that we would present to our client. And all we had was the night. I rushed to the studio. With an aim to put around 70 odd images in two films and make some sense out of it in just a matter of eight hours. And as you know I was in prime shape working for last 48 hours. 3 hours through the editing I saw pictures of a little girl on the wall. I asked the guy who was she, and at that very moment, he left his mouse, pushed his key board aside, smiled at the pictures and told me that her daughter’s name was Shreya.

Lesson 4: Families are magical.

By the time it was 5 AM, I became less of a creative guy and more of a manager, because our meeting was scheduled at 9 and we were just half way through in the editing of our first film. My chop-chop-chop approach was annoying the editor, and more importantly, it was annoying me, but timeline was  a bitch and I had to act like one too.

We completed both the films somehow. But then…files were not getting recorded on a DVD. Errors.

Lesson 4: Always keep buffer time for Murphy’s Law to play its course.

I rushed back to office, but guess what, it was  Monday morning to traffic had to be at its peak. As soon as I reached office, I was hoping that nothing else goes wrong. And luckily that was the end of it. My bosses took the films and left for the presentation and I went back home early stinking badly with hair that were going everywhere. Thinking that this 72 hours of blockbuster action was blog-worthy…

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