Why I don’t face Monday Morning Blues. Well, not every Monday at least.

  • Because I can wear bathroom slippers to work.
  • Because the tshirt I am wearing right now says, “If you want a pretty nurse, you gotta be patient”.  BTW I have a serious client meeting today.
  • Because while writing this line my feet are on my table and the regional head just went past me giving me a hard stare though he knows the behavior is incorrigible.
  • Because I have an intern at my disposal who writes body copy for me and makes coffee to die for.
  • Because I have more than 5-6 corporate slaves a.k.a managers a.k.a Client Servicing Executives I can pick on when I get bored.
  • Because God always gave enough courage to stalk my dream relentlessly despite everyone telling me where the scope is.
  • Because today while driving to work I heard my radio spot on air.
  • Because if anyone at work catches me wasting time on twitter I tell them it’s a great way to practice writing great headlines under 140 characters. It’s funny how they believe my convincing argument.
  • Because my water bottle looks like this:
  • Because my desk looks like this:
  • Because when you have a sense of humor you look forward to cracking new ‘Monday Morning Blues’ jokes every week. Ironically, they make everyone happy.

So stop cribbing, grab a cup of coffee and earn your Friday night parties and Saturday morning hangovers. Go now!



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3 thoughts on “Why I don’t face Monday Morning Blues. Well, not every Monday at least.

  1. Mahima K. says:

    Yes, exactly. Now all I need is an intern I can boss around. Sigh.

  2. Jalene says:

    Wow! That’s a really neat aneswr!

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