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What I kept thinking while getting a full body massage.

  1. Is this the right size. Last time it got torn. Gosh! That was so embarrassing.
  2. Okay, I am waiting and no one’s here to attend to me. Brr…
  3. “Come in”. Hmm.. Not bad.
  4. Oui! Oil is hot. *tucks face in the pillow*
  5. Aaah… yes, get in there. Work on those ligaments.
  6. Whoa! You are friendly.
  7. No, Johnny, NO.
  8. *Moaning* *Moaning* *Moaning*
  9. So is she from Manipur or Mizoram or Nagaland or Thailand?
  10. Okay, where exactly is Manipur? Capital? Never mind.
  11. Aaah… Totally worth it!
  12. Happy Ending?
  13. No, Johnny, NO.
  14. *Turns* Yeah, the chest is tricky. Need to distract myself the most now.
  15. Why can’t they put a heavier towel?
  16. No, Johnny. NO. Don’t you dare rise…
  17. Need to think of something now, quick.
  18. Mayawati. Dog poop. Pig eating dog poop. Mayawati eating that pig. Vomit. Mayawati statue made of vomit. Snot. Puss. “NO JOHNNY NO”.¬†Mayawati!
  19. “Yes, I’ll take steam”. Hang in there. We can get through this.
  20. 40 mins went so fast. Was it worth it?
  21. Oh yeah, neck! Yeah, my tired workaholic neck. Totally worth it.
  22. Good boy Johnny, good boy.
  23. “Thank you”. She was good!
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When I went to watch a dramatic book reading of Sherlock Homes, I stumbled upon a much bigger conspiracy to kill art.


Remember the good old Doordarshan days, when at 9PM sharp a thin, properly dressed, bearded gentleman used to read news in English. The man your mom probably had a crush on. He was Sunit Tondon, the man who played Sherlock in this 50 minute performance. And frankly the reason for me to cover the interstate distance of Gurgaon to Connaught Place.

The book reading was just fine, it was quite like a staged drama, the only difference being: actors reading from the script which they held in their hands.

But as the show ended, something strange happened. The owner of Akshara Theatre, an octogenarian came on to the stage, introduced the cast and spread open his kurta, and said, “Apart from being an artist, I am also a beggar”. The audience was shocked.

He told us how this theatre is special. How its architecture is unique. How he himself learnt carpentry to assemble this wooden auditorium for performing arts. He told us how limited the aids are, and how running every show is getting tougher as its burning a hole in his pocket.

Looking at an old man in such a state, asking his audience for financial help, made me very uncomfortable inside. But then, I thought of the embarrassment he must be going through. In his age, when he should be given all the comforts of the world for sacrificing his life to arts, he still has to struggle to keep it alive.

Below, I have attached a few images of Akshara Theatre. If possible, do go there to enjoy a show. It’s the least we can do keep its legacy alive.

1360094322 Akshara Theatre-Hall-delhi-auditorium-amphitheatre

The architecture will leave you awestruck before the performance does.

1360094352Akshara Theatre-Hall-delhi

The waiting hall is where yummy soup is served which you can enjoy next to a fire place. YES, THIS PLACE HAS A FIRE PLACE!

1360094346Akshara Theatre-Hall-delhi-auditorium

Yes, it’s small, but it has stood witness to some big performances.