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Hey, hot girl in the gym, let me trip over a treadmill to impress you.

So, as you all know how big a fitness enthusiast I am. I am always at the gym. Okay, maybe not always, but I do workout four days a week. Okay fine, on Sundays. You know what, the gym instructor remembers my face so it’s not that bad.

So she was all dressed in black. Black tights, black tshirt and a cap, holding her black long hair tightly. And it was time for me to do what every male specie specimen would do. Impress the female with my sheer brutal power/Hercules like muscles/animal strength/or just by running on a treadmill for 7.5 minutes at 8kmph. It’s pretty much the same thing.

And guess what? I did finish the gargantuan fitness goal I had set for myself, and it was time to end it with a swagger. So I turn around on a running treadmill so I can slide off it like a hipster. Just a moment later I realised I was going too fast to make that turn and the conveyor belt was still rolling. BAM! I crashed on it. On my back I moved to the floor at the speed of infinite disgrace per hour.

Sometimes you are lucky and your embarrassing moments go unnoticed. Today, was not that day. Every one stopped their exercise to look at the moron who tripped on a treadmill. Even 70 year olds had a condescending smile on their faces. On a completely unrelated note, when did sympathy became extinct?

But to my horror, the very reason why I was inspired to perform this stunt was looking at me with sheer disgust in her eyes as she worked on her obliques.  It was time for me to think on my feet, so I used them to exit my gym nonchalantly.

Lesson learnt: Tashan Backfires!

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