Instant gratification is what’s killing the blogger in me.

Yes, I’ll blame it on Twitter this time. The feel good factor of a retweet reassures me that my writing can still connect to people. You know because when you have to write for a living, and your lines are unable to impress your supervisor, creative director, over-opinionated-yet-dumb servicing guy, and finally your client who’s dumber than that servicing guy even though you’ve been racking your brains on it day in and day out; a little bit of reassurance comes in handy.

Plus, you have all these amazing people on Twitter who are living a secret life. During the day time they are doctors, engineers, engineers, engineers, dentists etc. etc. etc. but by night they all become awesome writers, punsters, compulsive cribbers, haters, erotica writers. THE THING THAT I LOVE ABOUT TWITTER IS THAT ITS AVERAGE IQ IS THE HIGHEST FOR ANY SOCIAL MEDIA. I don’t have to dumb anything down. 

Telling a story in 140 characters is challenging at times, although it’s a little sad that we live in a world where we don’t have time for anything, even for stories. Another rewarding feature of twitter is that it’s so conversational. And since it’s safe, strangers can actually talk to you without any inhibitions. So basically, it connects you to people psycho graphically. 

Although the biggest revelation for me in the last 1.5 years; the time that I have been on twitter is this: I AM NOT ONE-OF-A-KIND. It’s such an ego crusher and a myth buster.   

P.S. There are way too many engineers on Twitter. The micro-blogging site didn’t pay me anything to write this post. I will keep blogging, don’t worry. And follow me. My handle is @GreekFraud. 

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