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Start. The most awkward part of everything.

I wrote this headline because I am itching to write something, but I clueless where to begin with. Here are a few things that give me ‘starting-trouble’ (Thankfully, my car isn’t one of them).

1. Breaking  ice with a hot girl.

2. Telling the boss that you want to put in your papers.

3. Holding a burger when you know you skipped your hand-washing regimen.

4. Peeing/pooping in public toilets.

5. Wrapping a gift.

6. Deciding which movie to watch when your hard disk is full of them.

7. Introducing yourself in a social gathering.

8. Getting used to the pricks of a tattoo needle.

9. Committing yourself to just one show on TV when flipping through all the channels is your favourite pastime.

10. Beginning your journey to changing yourself. That first step is full of uncertainty and needs threshold force, an extra dollop of motivation and a clear sight of your goal.

So, take a deep breath. Visualise your task and your aim, and… START.

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