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Unlearning. Learning.

My new office is a no-nonsense kinda  place. Come on time, leave on time kinda place. And they make me write like this – short and crisp.

It’s always tough to say it all without saying much. And I am experiencing it first hand now. Apparently, reading Esquire and Wallpaper* helps (no terms and conditions below, that’s the name of the magazine).

Since 2009, I have been trained to write in a certain way. The advertising way. Even Donald Draper’s advice to all the copywriters was – to write for a consumer who has no sense of humor.

It moulds you to make things full proof and fool proof. All commercial writers would agree with me on this.

However, embellishing a piece of writing with prose and poetry, and sprinkling a little bit of old school charm is the ecstasy every writer craves for.

No, I can’t do all that here. They want it simple. No, simpler.

This is a new experience for me. And it’s intense.

The only way out – taking the best advice this company has given to the world – Just do it.



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Hey Writer’s Block, you must be one crazy hot chick, because apparently, I like hitting you again, and again, and again.

Anger has always helped me in writing, but lately, I have been a monk. So…

In order to write more I need to be inspired, but lately, I haven’t been moved by anything.

Being in love gives you a lot of fodder to write, but lately, LOL!

Being a professional has made me more and more dependent on a brief. Someone telling me that my writing is supposed to talk to someone in a certain tone in order to achieve a specific objective. It’s not as boring as it sounds. It’s quite exhilarating actually. But one thing that it surely does is that it kills your originality and your self motivation. That hunger to write, that itch to express, that obsession to pour your heart out on paper. All of it is clearly missing.

Writing for myself is becoming increasingly difficult as I keep writing for brands. Over the years I have been trained to detach myself from my work and kill it mercilessly if it’s not good. This training to edit cold and omit colder has bereft me of novelty.

Do I have a plan?

Yes, I will keep cribbing about my writer’s block till I hit the zone where words torrent from subconscious and my fingers dance over the keyboard to compose the most beautiful of stories.

And I need to get a better mobile internet connection. Depending solely on a wifi device kills the momentary inspiration to scribble.

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