Unlearning. Learning.

My new office is a no-nonsense kinda  place. Come on time, leave on time kinda place. And they make me write like this – short and crisp.

It’s always tough to say it all without saying much. And I am experiencing it first hand now. Apparently, reading Esquire and Wallpaper* helps (no terms and conditions below, that’s the name of the magazine).

Since 2009, I have been trained to write in a certain way. The advertising way. Even Donald Draper’s advice to all the copywriters was – to write for a consumer who has no sense of humor.

It moulds you to make things full proof and fool proof. All commercial writers would agree with me on this.

However, embellishing a piece of writing with prose and poetry, and sprinkling a little bit of old school charm is the ecstasy every writer craves for.

No, I can’t do all that here. They want it simple. No, simpler.

This is a new experience for me. And it’s intense.

The only way out – taking the best advice this company has given to the world – Just do it.



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