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The very unforgettable Miss K – II

Chapter 2

Wrapped in a towel, with a little excitement and a lot of hesitation brewing inside her, Miss K was standing in front of him. Trying to portray a calm demeanor, she smiled. He smiled back. His was a mischievous one. Both looked at each other in anticipation. He made a polite hand gesture and she took a deep breath and revealed herself to him. He looked at her from top to bottom. Scrutinizing every minute detail, he went around her, looking at her from all sides, admiring his muse from all possible angles, while she stood in between all of this, shivering with fear of novelty and a sensual excitement. He went a full circle around her, stopped in front of her and held her. Their eyes met as he gently pushed her over the couch.

The cold velvet of the couch kissed the curve of her behind, the sudden sensation made her clasp his arms tight. His smile grew wider and her cheeks turned scarlet. He leaned in and whispered, “relax, my dear… Now I will make you sit in a comfortable posture, let loose”.

He put a cushion behind her back and made her recline along the armrest of the couch. Gripping her left thigh from below, the tip of his fingers delving into the soft supple skin of her inner thigh. The warm touch of his palm made her miss a heartbeat. He positioned her leg bent with knee being the rest for her left hand. And made her hold a red rose.

Now he picked the right leg and positioned it straight on the couch. His eyes fell on her right hand, which was delicately covering her modesty. He held it and lifted it, and saw some resistance from Miss K as her hand grew stiff. He bent down and kissed her hand, she felt the warm pucker of his lips and melted inside, breathing heavy, feeling urges she never felt for anyone, not like this.

Now he gently felt the curves of her waist and tilted her torso towards left, so he can get a better angle of her, whole of her. She liked the way his touch made her feel. No man every got close to her like this. She knew the reason for charming yet sadistic smile on his face – he was enjoying her apparent discomfort. And he knew that Miss K was a little turned on. Perky pink nipples don’t lie.

Miss K didn’t mind his proximity to her. His heavy breath landing on her firm, symmetric and goddess like bosom made her bite her lips a bit too often. Being a muse and that too in such an intimate surrounding is an adventure only a few get to live.

She gazed at his face while he covered her womanhood with rose petals. He was ordinary, but had a charming demeanor. It was his eyes that made him so tough to say no to. The way he looked at her as if she was not a human but some ancient Greek goddess who appeared out of nowhere. He admired her in every stare and epitomized her silhouette. She knew there was a hint of lust in this whole ‘sketching nude at my place’ proposition, but she didn’t mind giving it to the novelty of the idea.

He got up and went back to his chair. Picked his sketchbook and a pencil and started sketching. His strokes were fast yet fluent. His hands moved swiftly around her curves. He spent a lot of time detailing her eyes, her nose and her luscious lips. It was like he was making love to her image with his craft. From time to time, he measured her with one eye closed and pencil held between his eyes and her very inspiring existence. He winked. She smiled.

She was now totally comfortable in the home of stranger she met a few hours back; that too covered in nothing but rose petals. Two questions kept running on her mind – 1. How does she look right now? 2. What happens next?

He stops drawing. Gets up from his chair and walks up to her. She sits straight on the couch, only to feel a little bit of stretch in her neck and waist. But she is more excited about looking at her portrait. He hands it to her. She takes the drawing pad and glances over it.

Her face never looked so beautiful in any mirror, any photograph. Her red fuller lips looked as sensual and her curves never looked so defined. She never knew that her colourful persona could look so stunning in just black and white of charcoal and paper, that she could be muse of an artist who could do justice to her unparalleled beauty, that she could be turned on just by looking at a brazen depiction of her sensual existence. She got up. The rose petals fell on her feet. She kept the sketchbook on the couch. Moved closer to him. Looked him in the eyes and wrapped her arms around him, her bare body hugging his broad physique. Her skin steaming with passion and emotion collapsed on his tweed jacket. And her face rested on his shoulder. It was a speechless thank you.

He parted the long silent hug and held her face in his palms. Tears trickling down her cheeks. The sheer purity of expression was overwhelming. He leaned in and wiped her tears with his lips. And looked deep into her eyes. Two bodies hugged each other. Two souls craved each other. Breathing heavy with hearts too close to each other. They leaned in, their lips met, and oblivion took over. They lied down on the same couch and wrote another story of passion and inspiration, but this time, their bodies being the canvas.

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The very unforgettable Miss K.

Chapter 1

He sat quietly on a bench with a drawing pad in his hands. Miss K observed him there everyday, at the same spot, scribbling something with a mischievous smile on his face. Why would an artist sit at the same spot for three weeks in a row. Isn’t novelty something that attracts the one who look for inspiration, she wondered.

Today, he sat there till dark. It was time for Miss K to call it a day. She was tired. It was like the whole prom night was being rehearsed at her salon. She had given each and every girl a look she could remember for a lifetime. Miss K knew what looked good on different faces like no other on the Oxford Street or for that matter the whole of London.

Little wonder, she looked so perfect everyday. With her Burberry stole neatly wrapped around her slender neck and her well-defined red lipstick, she used to turn heads every time she walked the streets. While most women in London stuck to the fashion magazines and their dos and don’ts, Miss K flaunted with colours yet stayed subtle and elegant at the same time.  Her sense of fashion and make up was classy yet if felt way ahead of her time.

She took her bag, left the Salon with a satisfied smile and tired legs. Only to be stopped by a hesitant voice, “Mmm… Pardon me, Miss”, she looked back, it was the same shy artist who used to sit on the bench across the salon. Miss K got a little startled and worried. The stranger continued, “There is something I need to show you”, he said. Miss K was now looking here and there, she wanted to ensure help was around.

Only then her eyes fell on his drawing pad, suddenly her angst turned into amazement as she found herself sketched on a piece of paper. The kohl eyes, the signature red lips, the diamond nose pin, hair neatly tied in a bun, even the Burberry stole, he had captured every little nuance of her face in her portrait. It was perfect. It was her.

He saw a smile on her face, it was faint at first, it grew wider, he got the confidence he was looking for, and he said, “I have a confession to make, I have been drawing you for past 3 weeks. Every day I scribbled something and tore it apart at night. With this, I knew I came pretty close to what you look like”.

Miss K was still stunned, trying to fathom what just hit her. Still speechless. The artist read her face, oh, that beautiful face of hers had overwhelmed written all over it. With a hand gesture he asked her to enter the cafe in front of which they were having their very unusual first rendezvous.

First five minutes in the cafe were full of coffee aroma and awkward silence. Miss K finally decided to break the silence with a confused – “Why me?”. And saw the same mischievous smile growing on his face. He said, “I have found in you what we artists like to call a Muse“. “I don’t understand”, she said.

He took a sip of his black coffee and said, “With you, in front of me, I feel inspired to keep sketching, time flies when I am trying to portray you in my art, I love it one moment, then I look at you, and I start hating what I just created. I never felt this kind of intensity before, I can draw you even without looking at you. To bring out your defined jaw line I use this, a 2B, whereas, for your eye mascara, I use a charcoal stick, and for those very luscious lips, I just smudge charcoal on paper with my thumb”. His eyes lit up and his hand gesture got fast and wild while describing his fascination to her.

Miss K started blushing. She never anticipated she could have an effect like this on someone. He continued, “Bordoir, is my area of interest, and I want you be my muse”. Not sure what Miss K was supposed to do, she asked, “Which means…?” “I want to do a live sketch of you, a nude one”, he replied.

Want faster downloading of clarity.

I waste a lot of time weighing my options. The eternal battle of what I want now and what I want most takes a toll on me.

While one thought and all its possible  consequences buffer, a new desire pop ups in the mind.

Way too many seeders around with torrents of unsolicited advice; make the matters worse.

A big bucket list becomes a burden when priorities are not clear. It’s like having a book mark tab of URLs you want to check regularly, but you just can’t find time to do it.

Keep your distance from leachers. They are exceptionally good at screwing your bandwidth with their negativity and lack of ambition.

Find hotspots; it can be time with your friends and family or time alone. For me, early mornings in the park are magical.

Of course, most importantly, get a better connection. To your soul. Develop a sixth sense. Listen to that meek voice inside your head, no not the logical one, the one that feels wrong, but so right at the same time.

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