Want faster downloading of clarity.

I waste a lot of time weighing my options. The eternal battle of what I want now and what I want most takes a toll on me.

While one thought and all its possible  consequences buffer, a new desire pop ups in the mind.

Way too many seeders around with torrents of unsolicited advice; make the matters worse.

A big bucket list becomes a burden when priorities are not clear. It’s like having a book mark tab of URLs you want to check regularly, but you just can’t find time to do it.

Keep your distance from leachers. They are exceptionally good at screwing your bandwidth with their negativity and lack of ambition.

Find hotspots; it can be time with your friends and family or time alone. For me, early mornings in the park are magical.

Of course, most importantly, get a better connection. To your soul. Develop a sixth sense. Listen to that meek voice inside your head, no not the logical one, the one that feels wrong, but so right at the same time.

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