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Time and why we never have enough of it.

No, this tweet is not inspired from Interstellar, although what an amazing movie. I can now totally forgive Matthew Mcconaughey for doing those bizarre Lincoln commercials.

Coming back to Time, Buddha once said, “The problem is you think you have time”. There are only a few better quotes recorded about this elusive dimension. For the ones who are still not awestruck by the simplicity of this powerful quote, let me translate it for you – this was Buddha’s way of politely asking all us lazy asses to get up and get on our chores, things on our bucket list, those what ifs that will bother us for a lifetime, and do all of it now.

With every fleeting moment, we are heading towards death. Sad as it maybe as a thought, it’s equally liberating. You have nothing to fear but a lot to regret. If you are stuck in a job or in a relationship with someone who is holding you back, call it quits. The freedom you will enjoy is bigger than all the complicated barriers your mind has set for yourself.

You should be with someone, professionally or personally, only if they allow/help you to make the most of your time. So by that logic time and people are related. No wonder with the best of friends hours feel like minutes. Apply that same logic to everything in life – choose better people for a better utilisation of your time.

Think of time as a currency, you buy everything with it – happiness, satisfaction, memories. Now relook at your life. How well are you spending it?

I hope to get rid of some of my addictions that slow me down. If you too are struggling with time, tell me your story, together, we can take on time!


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Stay a kid – a professional advice.

Companies come up with various slogans to motivate their employees – ‘aim ahead’, ‘think big’, ‘do or die’, ‘Life? LOL! Work hard, bitch!’ and other million cliches.

Well, in my experience (5,38,923,205 hours of lost sleep, 68,305 cups of black coffee, 96 smirks of ‘what were you thinking’ and 5 and a half years of ‘Where the hell did my weekend go?’) I think there is only one concrete advice – stay a kid. Why?

  • They don’t cling on to their failures
  • They are honest, thus fearless
  • They don’t feel awkward/nervous just because their shirt has a coffee stain
  • They are resourceful – remember playing hand cricket with a handkerchief rolled into a ball?
  • They are not afraid to ask for help
  • They are their own stress busters
  • They are never not curious
  • They don’t take all of it too seriously

I think we were more equipped to handle life as a kid. We were born with an ‘I Don’t Give Up Fun’ attitude (yes, content has been tailored for PG 13 audience). Then gradually, we learnt the art of giving into the set norms of a grown-up life. We took responsibilities a bit too seriously, and seriousness, as a way of life. When was the last time you didn’t seek validation from your boss? Think!

Suddenly earning money became a chore, a medium to pay your credit card bills. Deadlines became sacrosanct and those lines on your forehead, prominent. I feel we’ve got it all wrong.

Money should be earned so we can fuel our inner child’s wishes. It’s more fun that way. So next time when they transfer your salary into your bank account, get up from your seat and throw an air punch or a hi5 (no, that’s done and dusted) maybe a wink with one finger pistol shoot gesture towards your colleague or a simple woo-hoo. You get the picture.

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