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Why did I learn to compromise?

As a kid, I never thought I would be happy living a perfectly mediocre life. Did you?

I remember jumping off swings, that too, when they reached its maximum swing. Stealing laddoos from kitchen; not one or two, but sixteen. Singing songs loudly, innocently replacing words I can’t remember with rhyming words that I made up. I remember playing in mud, cold, sun, with a running nose, indoors, outdoors, with next-door neighbours, with strangers, and everywhere I felt like. I clearly remember saying what I felt and not what others would like to listen. I knew less about compromising back in the day. Living hardcore came naturally to me.

Can’t really remember when did I start playing safe? Why did I put some dreams on a backburner? What was so worth my happiness? Validation? Acceptance? Or just the plain fear of not achieving it all? Why did I learn to compromise?

It surely hasn’t made me any happier. Settling for the second best hasn’t helped me build a character. Easy way out is really the hard way. Staying put when you are meant to fly does not give me a high.

I can’t think of a good reason why I slowed down. Can you?

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Don’t make resolutions. Fall in love instead.

Love will change you better than any conscious effort you will make to turn your life around.

Love money: I recently discovered how powerful its addiction is. Earlier I was one of those ‘you can’t buy me’ kind of guys. Thanks to my naivety, I ended up working for peanuts and sometimes just to earn good will. Don’t do it, put a price to your skills and charge is brazenly. The world makes you feel guilty when you ask for more money, it’s a trap one should never fall for. Having said that, don’t sell your soul to the devil. Don’t do something you don’t believe in just because you got greedy. Falling in love with money makes you independent, organised, a little arrogant and very very confident. 

Love what you already love: it can be reading classics or playing the djembe or it could be an idea of something you’d love to do like fishing or mountaineering. The idea is to give it as much time as you can. Falling in love with something you already love will make you secure, calm, focussed and nonchalant.

Love yourself: because this is the ultimate motivation. When you love yourself you want to change yourself for better. Not because others are better than you but because you know you can better yourself. You invest your time in people who make you happy, you lose some battles willingly because you know better things deserve your energy, you become selfish enough to not fret so much about others and the headaches they want to force upon you. You respect yourself enough to not give much thought to how others perceive you. Falling in love with yourself makes you happy.

I would love to say love someone, but I guess that’s just not something you have control over. But if you do get a chance, don’t hesitate.

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