Why did I learn to compromise?

As a kid, I never thought I would be happy living a perfectly mediocre life. Did you?

I remember jumping off swings, that too, when they reached its maximum swing. Stealing laddoos from kitchen; not one or two, but sixteen. Singing songs loudly, innocently replacing words I can’t remember with rhyming words that I made up. I remember playing in mud, cold, sun, with a running nose, indoors, outdoors, with next-door neighbours, with strangers, and everywhere I felt like. I clearly remember saying what I felt and not what others would like to listen. I knew less about compromising back in the day. Living hardcore came naturally to me.

Can’t really remember when did I start playing safe? Why did I put some dreams on a backburner? What was so worth my happiness? Validation? Acceptance? Or just the plain fear of not achieving it all? Why did I learn to compromise?

It surely hasn’t made me any happier. Settling for the second best hasn’t helped me build a character. Easy way out is really the hard way. Staying put when you are meant to fly does not give me a high.

I can’t think of a good reason why I slowed down. Can you?

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One thought on “Why did I learn to compromise?

  1. aphrodiety says:

    brainstorming question!

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