You know what, it feels good to be ancient.

I turned 28 last week and as you can see old age is slowing me down. Gone are the days when I used to write my birthday post on the very day. On a completely unrelated note, now I understand how old people are able to drive cars slower than a three legged camel.

Watch this badass video and you will know why we old people are so cool —> Old people know shit!

With a limited stock of ‘fucks to be given’ priorities become clear and many self-inflicted inhibitions disappear in thin air.

Old age makes you realise that you are your favourite person – such a calming state of mind.

‘Been there done that’ and ‘bitch please’ situations show up now and again, reassuring you of a life well-lived.

Peer pressure? LOL! Young man, show some respect, you are talking to a dinosaur.

And of course, there is always nostalgia to keep you smiling. In my case it was the good ol’ 90s. A time when kids were stupid and life was simple.

Getting old feels good as it gives you more reasons to stay young. So go ahead, flaunt your wrinkles, run fingers through your salt n pepper, give someone an unsolicited piece of advice, brace your past and hug your future and don’t forget to smile like a kid – with your eyes and your heart in it. Age gracefully happily.

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2 thoughts on “You know what, it feels good to be ancient.

  1. I resent this post. Must you make me feel old all the time?

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