Monthly Archives: March 2015

You owe yourself a life.

Good grades to your parents.

Good time to your friends.

Good performance to your boss.

A painful amount of tax to the government.

We owe so much to the people around us.

It’s safe to say that it’s a demanding world.

The only way to beat this stress of owing

is to become more demanding.


Become more demanding with yourself.

Quit that shitty job that makes you feel worthless.

You owe yourself recognition.

Travel to that place that’s currently your desktop wallpaper.

You owe yourself some fresh air.

Call off a relationship that’s not going anywhere.

You owe yourself some self respect.

Lose touch with friends you have nothing in common with.

You owe yourself some quality time.

Make money, make friends, make something you never knew you could make.

You owe yourself some excitement and novelty.

Buy that thing before it goes out of fashion.

You owe yourself some pampering.

So next time when anyone tries to ruin your happiness

by telling you what you owe them,

just remember that you owe yourself a life.


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