I think I am Superman!

Here are a few other things that I think I am:
Sitcom addict. Movie buff. Daydreamer. Wannabe wanderer. The guy who incessantly interferes in designs of art directors. Student of life. Someone trying to become a better copywriter than Neil French, David Abbot and Piyush Pandey. Ex-theater person. Future stand up comedian. Future film maker. An ever-smiling superhero. Kid at heart. A guy who loves to write about himself.

I named the blog shreyanswers because:

1. it makes me sound intelligent and omniscient

2. it was able to quench my narcissistic instincts

3. and, sure, I think it goes well with my name

I am sure up till now you have an idea what this blog will be all about…so, stay in touch, post your comments, give feedback, share information and if you are a big creative director of a huge advertising agency, give me a call!




One thought on “I think I am Superman!

  1. Well done, from a fellow advertising bread-and-butterer.

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