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  1. An uninterrupted supply of entertainment. Be it a hard drive full of movies, a good broadband connection to stream TV series or a good old fashioned TV with the new and advanced HD channels, I have it all.
  2. A pile of books that can make me wise. Now all I need to do is to pick them, wipe the thin layer of dust off them and turn a few pages.
  3. SO MANY FOOD APPS. I remember a few years back I had to think hard about where my next meal is coming from, now, I have to think hard about where my next meal is coming from.
  4. No addictions. Social media burst really did a number on me. I was active on way too many platforms. Now I feel repelled by most of the content and most of the people generating that meaningless content online.
  5. My old age. I know I’ve cribbed a lot in the past about a few grey hair on my head and what not. But shutting elders up (the pesky ones) just because you’ve achieved more than those monuments of cynicism ever could, is a feeling you couldn’t buy with money or Mastercard.
  6. Flaunt value. It’s kind of a wholesome achievement. You flaunt your skills, your wit, your possessions (the ones you dreamt of as a kid/teenager/jobless youth), your future plans (more when you are unreasonably ambitious like me).
  7. The possibilities. Unlike many people of my age who are settling down, I am still enthused about life and all that it has to offer me. Yes, leading a relatively unstable life is scary, but hey, even those who play safe die in the end.
  8. You guys. Who read, like and subscribe to my posts. Seriously why do all youtube videos end this way?

I’ll write more when I think of more. You have any?

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And no, I’m not talking about the ones who criticise you to make you better. I’m not talking about friends who pull your leg when you fail. In fact, maybe it’s not about other individuals. Unfriend the little pesky non-believer in you if you have to.

The reasons for doing so:

  • These are people who never had their own “Everest”, so it’s not just that they don’t believe in you, they are probably incapable of understanding you. Isn’t that the first premise of any friendship/relationship?
  • Their doubt is contagious. Even if your will is as strong and determined as Mohd Ali, sometimes these naysayers punch you out with their expert negative logic (secret: they put weights of their failed past in their boxing gloves).
  • They sometimes make sense. And that’s the most dangerous part. If Edmund Hillary had a friend like this who constantly told him drop the very risky plan to conquer Mt. Everest, it would still be a virgin peak. Men who like to be on top, gimme 5!
  • They will always be there to say, “I told you so” and if your dreams are big you’ll have many failures; you don’t want that kinda negative energy around you when you are already down.
  • If you could time travel, you’d know these people won’t do anything spectacular with their lives. They would happily be the puppet of time/situation/peer pressure/so-called-righteousness/system/government/dysfunctional family and of course luck.
  • So unfriend them today, because an year from now you would regret not taking an action even though a great post warned you about these demons who feed on your dreams.

Good night.

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Not to brag, but I can smile in sign language.

For last 9 months I’ve been working with a great guy who’s deaf and mute. This is the first time I am doing something like this, and surprisingly it’s easy and awesome. At first, I had no clue how it was going to work out, as he is my art partner and I am in the business of communication.

So the exchange of ideas started with us writing stuff on a piece of paper. I couldn’t talk to him without my pen. And this is how it went sometimes:

Me: I think you should reduce the font size. 
Him: No.
Me: If you do it we’ll have more white space and the layout will look clean.
Him: Size is ok.
Me: Well, it’s totally your call. No pressure. But more white space means eyes will go straight to the message. It’ll be loud and clear and yet not in the face. It’ll be noticeable, but not shouting for attention. It’ll be there, but not there. You feeling me?
Him: Hmm…
Me: So will you do it?
Him: No.

From drawing letters on hands to typing on the phone to explaining stuff with hand gestures to laughing at client’s feedback, we’ve come a long way. Now I even know how to swear in sign language (just one word, and yes, mostly used for the same client).

What’s magical is that now he tells me about his family, how naughty his kids are, how hot the weather is outside, how much he hated Fan, and how bad Vodafone is, and that’s when I have to make calls for him posing as him to threat the telephone network. Sigh! We do all great things friends do.

Aren’t all human relationships similar? You can’t truly understand each other, but you still try to work things out. The only difference is that you expect the other person to understand you better, because technically you speak the same language. Maybe if you speak less and smile more (and obviously, smile it like you mean it), there will be less friction and more understanding.

Hey, it worked for me.


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My advice at 29 – have more dreams.

I was always driven. Even as a teenager. I wanted to do something fruitful with my life, even though I was as confused as any normal teenager if not more. My teenage ended 10 years ago and now I have all that I imagined.

Sounds great, right? It is.

But what follows after you get what you want it an endless void, a vacuum, which sucks you in if you don’t have the next dream aligned in the barrel of your cannon that lets you shoot for the stars.

Having a dream is no wild goose chase. It actually determines who you are as a person and who you can be.

Today, I’m just a designation. Today, I’m just the salary that gets credited in my bank on every 1st of every month. Today, I’m just my boss’s apprentice. Today, I’m just a guy who wishes for a lot of things, but dreams about none.

All this, because I had a very few dreams.

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The very unforgettable Miss K.

Chapter 1

He sat quietly on a bench with a drawing pad in his hands. Miss K observed him there everyday, at the same spot, scribbling something with a mischievous smile on his face. Why would an artist sit at the same spot for three weeks in a row. Isn’t novelty something that attracts the one who look for inspiration, she wondered.

Today, he sat there till dark. It was time for Miss K to call it a day. She was tired. It was like the whole prom night was being rehearsed at her salon. She had given each and every girl a look she could remember for a lifetime. Miss K knew what looked good on different faces like no other on the Oxford Street or for that matter the whole of London.

Little wonder, she looked so perfect everyday. With her Burberry stole neatly wrapped around her slender neck and her well-defined red lipstick, she used to turn heads every time she walked the streets. While most women in London stuck to the fashion magazines and their dos and don’ts, Miss K flaunted with colours yet stayed subtle and elegant at the same time.  Her sense of fashion and make up was classy yet if felt way ahead of her time.

She took her bag, left the Salon with a satisfied smile and tired legs. Only to be stopped by a hesitant voice, “Mmm… Pardon me, Miss”, she looked back, it was the same shy artist who used to sit on the bench across the salon. Miss K got a little startled and worried. The stranger continued, “There is something I need to show you”, he said. Miss K was now looking here and there, she wanted to ensure help was around.

Only then her eyes fell on his drawing pad, suddenly her angst turned into amazement as she found herself sketched on a piece of paper. The kohl eyes, the signature red lips, the diamond nose pin, hair neatly tied in a bun, even the Burberry stole, he had captured every little nuance of her face in her portrait. It was perfect. It was her.

He saw a smile on her face, it was faint at first, it grew wider, he got the confidence he was looking for, and he said, “I have a confession to make, I have been drawing you for past 3 weeks. Every day I scribbled something and tore it apart at night. With this, I knew I came pretty close to what you look like”.

Miss K was still stunned, trying to fathom what just hit her. Still speechless. The artist read her face, oh, that beautiful face of hers had overwhelmed written all over it. With a hand gesture he asked her to enter the cafe in front of which they were having their very unusual first rendezvous.

First five minutes in the cafe were full of coffee aroma and awkward silence. Miss K finally decided to break the silence with a confused – “Why me?”. And saw the same mischievous smile growing on his face. He said, “I have found in you what we artists like to call a Muse“. “I don’t understand”, she said.

He took a sip of his black coffee and said, “With you, in front of me, I feel inspired to keep sketching, time flies when I am trying to portray you in my art, I love it one moment, then I look at you, and I start hating what I just created. I never felt this kind of intensity before, I can draw you even without looking at you. To bring out your defined jaw line I use this, a 2B, whereas, for your eye mascara, I use a charcoal stick, and for those very luscious lips, I just smudge charcoal on paper with my thumb”. His eyes lit up and his hand gesture got fast and wild while describing his fascination to her.

Miss K started blushing. She never anticipated she could have an effect like this on someone. He continued, “Bordoir, is my area of interest, and I want you be my muse”. Not sure what Miss K was supposed to do, she asked, “Which means…?” “I want to do a live sketch of you, a nude one”, he replied.

I need a GPS for life.

Or Google maps. Whatever. Anything that deals with my piteous navigational abilities. Unlike a stereotypical male, I am not great with directions, but like any stereotypical male, I don’t stop and ask for directions. That’s a womanly trait. Isn’t it.

(I am sure I have lost all my female followers now)

I need this GPS because I am good with setting destinations, the figurative ones. But finding the shortest possible way to reach there is a bitch of a task. It should come with an auto-suggestion feature which should be synced with my moods.

Women mislead lost souls like me quite often, so I’d like a guy’s voice to help me in my pursuit of happiness. Preferably an English gentleman.

This GPS should lead me to happy hours and happier after hours. To lively jobs and lenient deadlines. To lost getaways and bustling markets. To new passions and old friends. To family and love.  To mountain sunrises and beach sunsets. To material wealth and spiritual treasure. To inspiration, wherever it might be hiding.

Just keep telling me whether to turn right or left; be the guiding voice, the instincts, the hunch. And please, take the route with lesser traffic. I hate waiting.


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Start. The most awkward part of everything.

I wrote this headline because I am itching to write something, but I clueless where to begin with. Here are a few things that give me ‘starting-trouble’ (Thankfully, my car isn’t one of them).

1. Breaking  ice with a hot girl.

2. Telling the boss that you want to put in your papers.

3. Holding a burger when you know you skipped your hand-washing regimen.

4. Peeing/pooping in public toilets.

5. Wrapping a gift.

6. Deciding which movie to watch when your hard disk is full of them.

7. Introducing yourself in a social gathering.

8. Getting used to the pricks of a tattoo needle.

9. Committing yourself to just one show on TV when flipping through all the channels is your favourite pastime.

10. Beginning your journey to changing yourself. That first step is full of uncertainty and needs threshold force, an extra dollop of motivation and a clear sight of your goal.

So, take a deep breath. Visualise your task and your aim, and… START.

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Women’s Day Special: Can stars help me flirt better?


Aries: she is the alpha female of the pack, always at the front of the queue and kick-starting everything from projects to dinner dates. So, I’ll let her take the lead on the dance floor; she can hold the rose in her mouth and give it to me seductively.

Taurus: she has a hot and fiery temper, and will unleash it when pushed to the limits. So I need to carry enough songs in my i-pod that could calm her down. Because my stupid questions, on our date, will push her buttons. The wrong ones.

Gemini: she is extremely clever and has the ability to discuss every subject under the sun – politics, religion, travel – then just as easily switch to talking about the latest celebrity faux pas. So, I need two Ws for this. A Wingman and Wikipedia. And of course I’ll be wired like a cool secret agent.

Cancer: she is ruled by the Moon and her moods wax and wane like the lunar cycle. So no dates on a full moon night. She might turn into a Werewolf.

Leo: she is the one with the loudest laugh, the brightest smile, and the most confident strut of them all.  So all I need to do is dress up in a Zebra costume and she’ll feast on me. That’s easy.

Virgo: she is very discerning, a natural critic and a sharp analyzer of everything and everyone. Highly intuitive, she has the ability to sense what is off-key about a person or situation, and hone in onto this with intent to improve. So no flirting with this kind. They are way too smart.

Libra: she embodies fairness, justice, and balance. So discussing any popular unresolved court case where an innocent was wrongly accused will be the perfect ice breaker *start searching old newspapers*.

Scorpio: she should never be taken lightly. They aren’t fluffy or cuddly creatures by any stretch of the imagination. Direct, and brilliantly sharp, Scorpio women only focus on the fundamental essence of any issue and disregard the superfluous. So, asking “your place or mine” straightaway seems to be the only option. Sigh!

Sagittarius: She is versatile and exceedingly charming and enjoys every experience that comes her way. So, I have the liberty to use 10 different pick up lines on the same night. She might just like one of them!

Capricorn: she will often leave everyone else behind in the dust with her lofty ambition and inner drive, and toss anything or anyone out of the way to make her date with destiny. So be chivalrous and open doors for her, always. Avoid causalities.

Aquarius: she is the ultimate non-conformist. So I’ll ask for a ‘table for four’on our date, allowing her more space that every water bearer keeps cribbing about.

Pieces: she is a mysterious, sensual mermaid, her secrets kept secure behind inscrutable dark eyes. So definitely not going in a Pirate costume and not staring directly into her eyes. Getting carried away can be fatal here.

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The Mighty SMILEacus

Meet the warrior of the 21st century. A slave of the mighty corporate empire. A gladiator who fights against the odds everyday; the ones that are referred as deadlines in the modern times. Challenges are big in front of him, always. And they are better armed, always. His Colosseum is just a 4×4 ft cubicle. And his boss gives him a thumbs up or thumbs down from his cabin. He doesn’t lives for anyone’s approval, but for his survival he needs it. People around him boo him when he underperforms and cheer for him when he pushes himself hard, but the truth is they don’t really care about him. He is just a mere source of entertainment to them. Who knew that gladiators would one day play a role of a jester. A really wild, violent and bleeding joker.

His only weapon, his only chance of survival, his only shot at glory is his SMILE. He smiles when he feels weak or alone or defeated or hurt. He thinks of freedom, he smiles. He thinks of his family, he smiles. He dreams, he smiles. Smiling for him is not just a way to stay optimistic but a way to live life, a strategy to survive the big blows that he gets in this everyday bleeding battle called life.

(The figure actually depicts a Spartan helmet and not a Gladiator helmet. I chose it since it was easy to draw!)


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Dear Ray Ban,


For 2100 bucks, at the age of 21, you were one of my first biggest investments. And since then both of us have come a long way. At that time, I just wanted to replicate the Tom-Cruise-Top-Gun look. With time, the looks kept changing but you were always there, you became more than just a fashion accessory. You became my buddy.

Soon I realized the true powers of your jet black slightly convex lenses, they made my eyes invisible. They acted like a shield. With you, I had the powers of concealing my emotions. With a little bit of eye and neck movement training I could checkout any girl, ogle at her, at length, and she would have no clue what I was up to (sorry ladies, but that’s how 21-year-olds think).

By the time I was 23. I was on my own. Independent and Scared. Metropolitans are great, but initially they are a little tough to get used to. Especially, when your eyes reflect innocence and naivety. They say –“Hi, I’m new here and you can easily exploit me.” Well, that’s what happens when your face has round edges, when your hair are neatly combed to the left, and your eyes have a baby-like-curiosity. Then I took you out of your brown case and wore you whenever I was out. And as they say looks can be deceiving, now I looked mature, experienced and ready to take on the world, well that’s how bully autowallas, greedy shopkeepers, my landlord and many others started perceiving me. Thank you for saving my ass!

Then you did me the biggest favour, when I really needed it, when time was really tough, when I was really alone. There were moments in my life when stopping my tears was not in my control and they came out without any prior notification. In front of strangers, in public transport, in markets, in office, anywhere and everywhere. Thanks to your two-inch-long frame it was easy to control those two inches of initial tears. And behind those dark glasses I could hide my black tears (metaphorical, of course).

Thank you for not making me look vulnerable when I really was. Thank you for making me invisible when I just didn’t want to be seen. Thank you for all those admiring glances I got from the fairer sex because of the tuff-guy image that you gave me. Thank you for saving me from getting bullied. Thank you for saving my eyes from ultra violet rays, afterall that’s what you were supposed to do, initially.

Thank You,

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