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  1. An uninterrupted supply of entertainment. Be it a hard drive full of movies, a good broadband connection to stream TV series or a good old fashioned TV with the new and advanced HD channels, I have it all.
  2. A pile of books that can make me wise. Now all I need to do is to pick them, wipe the thin layer of dust off them and turn a few pages.
  3. SO MANY FOOD APPS. I remember a few years back I had to think hard about where my next meal is coming from, now, I have to think hard about where my next meal is coming from.
  4. No addictions. Social media burst really did a number on me. I was active on way too many platforms. Now I feel repelled by most of the content and most of the people generating that meaningless content online.
  5. My old age. I know I’ve cribbed a lot in the past about a few grey hair on my head and what not. But shutting elders up (the pesky ones) just because you’ve achieved more than those monuments of cynicism ever could, is a feeling you couldn’t buy with money or Mastercard.
  6. Flaunt value. It’s kind of a wholesome achievement. You flaunt your skills, your wit, your possessions (the ones you dreamt of as a kid/teenager/jobless youth), your future plans (more when you are unreasonably ambitious like me).
  7. The possibilities. Unlike many people of my age who are settling down, I am still enthused about life and all that it has to offer me. Yes, leading a relatively unstable life is scary, but hey, even those who play safe die in the end.
  8. You guys. Who read, like and subscribe to my posts. Seriously why do all youtube videos end this way?

I’ll write more when I think of more. You have any?

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Why I don’t face Monday Morning Blues. Well, not every Monday at least.

  • Because I can wear bathroom slippers to work.
  • Because the tshirt I am wearing right now says, “If you want a pretty nurse, you gotta be patient”.  BTW I have a serious client meeting today.
  • Because while writing this line my feet are on my table and the regional head just went past me giving me a hard stare though he knows the behavior is incorrigible.
  • Because I have an intern at my disposal who writes body copy for me and makes coffee to die for.
  • Because I have more than 5-6 corporate slaves a.k.a managers a.k.a Client Servicing Executives I can pick on when I get bored.
  • Because God always gave enough courage to stalk my dream relentlessly despite everyone telling me where the scope is.
  • Because today while driving to work I heard my radio spot on air.
  • Because if anyone at work catches me wasting time on twitter I tell them it’s a great way to practice writing great headlines under 140 characters. It’s funny how they believe my convincing argument.
  • Because my water bottle looks like this:
  • Because my desk looks like this:
  • Because when you have a sense of humor you look forward to cracking new ‘Monday Morning Blues’ jokes every week. Ironically, they make everyone happy.

So stop cribbing, grab a cup of coffee and earn your Friday night parties and Saturday morning hangovers. Go now!



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