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Keep calm, you are in Bangalore.

So my first trip to Bangalore comes to an end as I write this post from the airport. Yes, apparently I am one of those panic buttons who reach places way too early and then are left way too much time to waste. But you can’t blame me completely for being a bit paranoid. You have to blame this city.

I was stuck in a traffic jam for three hours. It was the longest and the most chilled-out traffic jam I have ever got stuck into. All thanks to this breezy, comfortable, lullaby-like weather, Bangaloreans don’t lose it. They just go with the flow. For hours. They don’t change lanes erratically, they don’t honk impatiently, they manage very well without hurling the mother-sister magic words.

They also drive a lot of KTM Dukes *respect* and a lot of Mahindra Veritos (why?!?!) Maybe Macchas iked Jimmy Shergil’s manly avatar with a mustache (if you don’t know what I am talking about then click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOwR4ZC41QA)

Another unexpected delight that I found in Bangalore was great North Indian food at Rasovara (it’s Rajdhani; same group, same thali, same font on the menu with way too many options of Gujarati and Rajasthani delicacies, served with warmth and more options of dessert than any other Rajdhani restaurants in Delhi). It’s in the UB mall, which is Bangalore’s version of DLF Emporio with more options to booze, obviously. And one of the best products to come from Vijay Mallaya apart from Kingfisher Draught.

I’d love to talk more about Bangalore, but this is all I could do in less than 20 hours. So stories like ‘the best places to have mysore pak’, ‘dil garden garden ho gaya’ and ‘how Bangalore women respond to creepy Tinder messages’ will have to wait for my next trip.

Hope it happens soon. Next time, I will bring a big carton to pack some of the priceless fresh air of the city.

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Status Quo or Change Quotient. Take your pick.

Same old stuff or something new? Everyday routine or something refreshing? Your regular or chef’s special? Most of the people prefer the ‘usual’ usually. Because it’s an easy option or a no-brainer. But what’s ironic is that we complain that are lives are not exciting enough.

Well, one possible reason is that we are too stuck with the ‘tried and tested’. Just because you take black coffee with no sugar doesn’t mean one day you can’t opt for mango slush instead, and have a blueberry cheesecake along with it. Just to shake things up. Yes, you are not going to win a lottery everyday, your life’s not going to change drastically in a jiffy, but just doing something that’s ‘not you’ might make you feel happy and excited. One day just take a different route to your office or a different medium of transport, or just take an off for no reason (I hope my boss doesn’t read this), or just say hi to your office janitor whom you usually ignore everyday. You’ll feel something different and most probably something nice about yourself.

We give way too much importance to our everyday lives, we become a black coffee with no sugar person, we become a subway person, we become  accounts department-fourth floor-8th cubicle from the right person, we become a person who just wants to finish the day’s work to go home to live our everyday lives.

They say familiarity breeds contempt. We become so familiar, so used to being us that we stop respecting ourselves, we forget that we can be a lot more. We forget that we can surprise ourselves. We make our status quo our modus vivendi, our lifestyle, an integral part of our personality. But the irony is that no matter how much you love being the daily you, life will change you, right from your hairline to your waist line, your opinions, your relationships, your dreams, your expectations, everything.

Having a Change Quotient, however, helps better. Not just embrace change, look forward to it, enjoy it, be ready for it, be excited about it. Yes, new things are a little scary, but that doesn’t mean they are not worth trying. Yes, you might fail but life is not a Mortal Combat game where you can achieve flawless victory in every encounter. And if there is one saying that has stood the test of time is “change is the biggest constant”. So, isn’t it pretty simple? Wanna find happiness in this ever-changing world, develop a Change Quotient.

How do you do it?

  • By letting yourself go, stop being a control freak, stop trying too hard
  • Stop cribbing,  smile instead
  • Tell your self if old is gold, new is not bad either
  • By believing that heaven is not going to fall if you try to change a few things
  • Experiment, a lot
  • Discard the fear of failure, most of the times it’s stupid and unproductive
  • Get rid of those inner demons like apprehensions, presumptions, prejudice, cowardice, and believes like “I cannot do this”
  • Ask me or some other pseudo shrink for further details 🙂
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Can two negatives make a positive? Only in the math class. Only.


Or maybe even in blood group compatibility, but in life, it seems pretty impossible. (Oh oh, can’t really use this word as every optimist keeps that “the word impossible itself says i m possible” crap etched on their tongue). The problem with this quote is that it works only for optimists!

Certain things are pretty clear in my head about this ‘glass half full half empty’ notion. Like the ones who like to see the sunny side up are the ones who generate energy, they are the ones you look up to in times of trouble, they usually win, and if they are really determined the lose untill they win. And most importantly those sulky petty-minded grumpy people who like to crib about anything and everything under the sun also admire them (but the irony is they are too negative to admit it).

Now let’s talk about negative people.

Nah! Who cares about them? Bloody energy suckers. They are invisible and they don’t matter anyways.

I think I am an eternal optimist. Sometimes even an incorrigible optimist. But still, it’s better than being an eternal cribber with no other motive in life than just finding faults in people, surroundings and their negative miserable lives.

So be an optimist. Cause we are better and we are able to smile a lot. And we win a lot. Even if we don’t we make a beautiful story out of it, with a moral of course. Cause it’s more meaningful and graceful to have hope in your heart than to just cry over spilled milk. Here’s how I did it:

  • Just remember – ‘Shit Happens’. But you can always flush it, can’t you?
  • Take it easy! Cause heaven is not going to fall that easily if you screw up.
  • SMILE. Cause that empowers you to look ahead.
  • Make your vocabulary positive. Pinch yourself every time you use the words ‘can’t’ or ‘impossible’ or ‘too tough’ or ‘I suck’.
  • Laugh everyday. Read a joke everyday.
  • Let it go. Just get rid of those painful memories that are the very vital foundation of your pessimism.
  • Ask yourself “What am I scared of so much?”
  • Stop overthinking.
  • Just do it. Cause the greatest tagline of all time wasn’t written by a pessimist.
  • Laugh at yourself. People do it anyway behind your back. And to me it seems like a good idea to join them.
  • Just be grateful in life.
  • Lose the company of negative thoughts and people. They don’t add any value.
  • Use smilies in your text and status updates.

In the end just remember it’s all about being happy. And for an optimist being happy is much easier any day.

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The Mighty SMILEacus

Meet the warrior of the 21st century. A slave of the mighty corporate empire. A gladiator who fights against the odds everyday; the ones that are referred as deadlines in the modern times. Challenges are big in front of him, always. And they are better armed, always. His Colosseum is just a 4×4 ft cubicle. And his boss gives him a thumbs up or thumbs down from his cabin. He doesn’t lives for anyone’s approval, but for his survival he needs it. People around him boo him when he underperforms and cheer for him when he pushes himself hard, but the truth is they don’t really care about him. He is just a mere source of entertainment to them. Who knew that gladiators would one day play a role of a jester. A really wild, violent and bleeding joker.

His only weapon, his only chance of survival, his only shot at glory is his SMILE. He smiles when he feels weak or alone or defeated or hurt. He thinks of freedom, he smiles. He thinks of his family, he smiles. He dreams, he smiles. Smiling for him is not just a way to stay optimistic but a way to live life, a strategy to survive the big blows that he gets in this everyday bleeding battle called life.

(The figure actually depicts a Spartan helmet and not a Gladiator helmet. I chose it since it was easy to draw!)


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But why Superman? Why not a tribal design or a skull or something like a skull with flames…?

This Superman tattoo (or the S-shield tattoo as my dear fellow nerds would say) that you can see on my neck was my twenty fifth birthday present to myself. And yes, it’s real. And yes, it hurts when you get a tattoo done. And yes, it’s gonna stay there forever because it’s real. Phew… now I have answered the most Frequently Asked Questions I have been getting since I’ve got myself inked.

Now I’ll try to answer a few more evolved questions. Some have been asked, and some, I am sure will be asked in the times to come.

  1. Why not Batman?
    Hmm… I more of a morning person, and unfortunately, not a billionaire. I operate alone and I hate sidekicks that wear hideous costumes of red, yellow and green. And I consider being a superhero is always better than being a vigilante. And again, I really, really like to sleep at nights.
  2. Why not go for some cool tribal art design?
    I like to see myself as a sophisticated, urban, not-into-voodoo kind of a guy. That’s why.
  3. Why not have a pierced heart (where a dagger goes through a heart and something like True Love is written…)?
    Why have it in ink when you already have one inside?
  4. What about Dragons?
    Flame throwing dragons…they remind me of an incident when I hogged on hot Mexican food and had severe gastric trouble. My burp was lethal enough to kill a full cavalry of nights…so…NO.
  5. Pinup girls are sexy…aren’t they?
    They indeed are my friend. They are indeed. But there are a lot of “if onlys” involved (if you know what I mean).
  6. Hey, you should go for spiders and bugs…those creepy crawly thingies…
    Maybe, but I am too scared of being targeted with fly swatters, rolled-up newspapers and other home-stuff that turns into bug squashers.
  7. And most importantly…Why Superman?
    Superman flies; he flies high. He’s free. He’s strong and he never gives up. He’s the original superhero. He lives for the people. He’s a people friendly superhero, he smiles and they wave back at him. Whenever there’s trouble he’s ready, all he has to do is take his shirt off. He’s different, he doesn’t belong with the earthlings yet he keeps serving them without asking for anything. And despite of all the differences he’s just like us. He needs his space, thus, the Fortress of Solitude, and he has his weaknesses in Kryptonite. Yet he always finds his way. He’s an optimist. And he wears spectacles when he’s Clark Kent, and incidentally I have a similar frame. Last but not the least Superman and I, both have the same first initial. 😛

There’s a superhero in all of us. We all were born to achieve greatness in our own ways. We fight the bad guys, sometimes they are out sometimes they lie within. We all face challenges on a daily basis. We all want to be free, we all want to fly. This ridiculously gutsy tattoo (as one of my dearest friends once called it) reminds me of what all I can be. It tells me to stay strong no matter what comes your way. It is a reminder to myself that I am meant for special things in life and giving up is not an option.

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Where do I see myself in the next leap year…

FEB 29. This is the the seventh time we are meeting. I don’t see you that often. It’s not your fault. All those glorified astrologers / astronomers / calendar makers / date setters couldn’t really figure out how long an actual year is so they came up with you.

Which brings me to the eternal question –  How old is a person who is born on FEB 29? And when exactly should their birthday be celebrated when it’s not a leap year? Feb 28 or Mar 1?

Well, thank god I’m not one of them. But there is another question that I would like to ask myself. Where do I see myself in the next leap year, i.e. 2016 (keeping Mayan’s prophecy of doomsday aside and keeping the eternal hope of survival in our hearts alive).

  • I hope I will stop monologuing here and will have a decent number of followers for this blog
  • I hope I will become a creative director
  • I hope I will pursue my dream of film making OR going on a world tour OR having a girlfriend for that matter
  • I hope I’ll still have these strong shiny hair and not even a minute bald spot
  • I hope I will learn cooking; actual cooking not just making instant noodles and other survival food
  • I hope my Harley Davidson will be parked in my garage and not just in my dreams
  • I hope I’ll have a garage and a home attached to it
  • I hope I’ll have atleast two more tattoos
  • I hope that by the next leap year comes I’ll stop hoping and start having 🙂
  • And finally, I hope I can be a better 29-year-old human being by the time the next FEB 29 comes around
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Where Captain America and Obi Wan Kenobi were posing together for their Facebook profile pic!

(When Dr. Bruce Banner is angry he turns into Hulk. When Hulk’s really angry he turns into me…)

The only place where the Hulk was green yet chillin, where superman could comfortably wear his red underwear over his tights, where Batman and Joker were together ogling  at Poison Ivy’s ass, where the Jedi light saber was actually made of a blue fluorescent tube light. This was every geek’s final fantasy, this is where all the nerds feel at home, this was the congregation of  comic lovers, addicted gamers, dweebs who are yelled at by their parents everyday to switch off their XBoxes and go to sleep, this was the gathering of the people who refuse to grow up, who are still clinging on to their childhood dreams of living a fantasy, This was COMIC CON 2012, DELHI.


So, the event was held in Delhi Haat, an established cultural centre in the capital. It was my first comic con, so I decided to go as the character that I’m really fond of – Myself. Nah…the real reason is I looked fat and ugly in the Wonder Woman costume and the plastic costume of Iron Man didn’t seem to justify the superpowers, and since it was a no-alcohol event I couldn’t carry rum and act drunk like Captain Jack Sparrow or let’s just say I was too lazy to do anything that’s why I’m finding excuses.


The Avengers stall was one of the most happening one. Especially the Thor hammer-throw game seemed pretty exciting. Later in the evening Iron Man came on the stage, the irony was (pun intended), the suit was so heavy and tough to carry, that people had to literally support him on the stage. Finally the Cosplay (short for costume play) results were out and the jedi with tube-light cum light saber won the trip to Disneyland Singapore.

Truly an amazing day filled with superheores, comics. stupidity, fun freebies, and hanging out with adults that are born with a childike imagination. Hmm… don’t have that many words to describe the day, than just one INTERESTING!

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