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What an impoverished writer has to say about two broke girls.


Two delicious reasons why I’ve been watching this sitcom are right in front of you. And I wish I could say it was the cupcakes, but it isn’t. In this world obsessed with perfect 10 figures (or is it size zero?), Kate Dennings’ full bodied persona not only captures the attention of old school men like me, but also perfectly fits the character of Max, a real girl who’s tough, independent, smart but has a cynical point of view towards life. She has to work as a waitress in the night and as a baby sitter in the day time to make the ends meet.

Now moving on to the other broke girl, Caroline Channing, played by Beth Behrs, was actually a heiress of a billion dollar fortune. But lost everything as her father was sent to jail for being involved in a nationwide fraud. She also starts working at the same diner as miss-so-curvy-so-hot has been serving coffee for quite some time. Quite naturally, they become friends. But due to Caroline’s big time MBA degree from a Stanford like school and her enterprising and entrepreneurry  DNA, she recognizes  a business opportunity in Max’s delightful home-made cupcakes.

Every episode takes you through their quest to save money for their business plan, and how things go here there and everywhere. A typical sitcom scenario. Though the series is pretty oestrogen-led, and probably guys would be thinking why in the world should I watch this series with a radiating pink aura, may I suggest you scroll up a little a bit and you’ll get a handful of reasons why you shouldn’t miss it.

Other attractions of the series would be a Ukrainian cook who cooks without a shirt, and desperately wants to get into the girls’ pants. Han Lee, diner owner of Chinese origin, who undoubtedly is the cutest character of the series, always trying his hand on new gimmicks to increase diner sales, and trying everything under the sun to look hip to fit into the American culture.

(P.S. – I thank the person who recommended me 2 Broke Girls. For those who think that I’ve tried to objectify women, or, my opinion of beauty is very superficial; in my defence, I just happen to be a big fan of curves. And sitcoms. And Kate Dennings.)

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Some lessons that I learnt watching Cartoon Network. Like all cats are bitches.

1. Cats are bitches. This one’s especially applicable for Tom and Jerry. Whenever Tom came across a beautiful feline he was ready to go to any length to impress her. But not even in one episode he got his share of pussy (pun intended). Sometimes the bitch ended up kissing Jerry. Atleast pick someone from your own species!

2. You gotta do what you gotta do. Whether it’s stealing cheese from the refrigerator or planting a 23-step-trap (that is connected through a thread, and when triggered, it works on the principle of Domino effect) just to catch a mouse.

3. When you get hit. Get up. Wash all that carbon off your face (that was caused by the bomb that exploded in your hand 2 seconds ago). Grab a fly swatter. And start looking for that notoriously fast underdog brown mouse everyone is rooting for.

4. Spinach makes you strong. Till date Palak Paneer is my favourite dish.

5. Whether it’s stone age or jet age, it’s all about loving your family.


6. Superheroes wear their underwear wrong and always live under cover. Some are journalists/cameraman, some are rich brats, and some work in ad agencies writing copy.

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Looks like James Bond. Acts like Austin Powers.

If you haven’t seen Archer you are missing out on a lot. The douchiest spy ever, may fail to accomplish even the simplest of missions, but he successfully delivers a great show, full of stupidity, action, double entendres, misfired bullets, careless accidents, in almost every episode. And just like any other spy fiction / movie / novel / series / anecdote, the protagonist is surrounded by babes who can kick ass, and also, have a great ass. Lana Kane, who plays Archer’s partner is  a full bodied, Beyonce-like-bootilicious, extremely sensual, black secret agent. And then there are other girls that keep seducing Archer from time to time. Most of them, luckily, are Russian.

Great sequences. Extremely funny yet intelligent script. Well defined quirky roles of various characters. And a lot of action, packed with random acts of stupidity. This is one show I highly recommend. And so does IMDB (rated 8.9/10)!

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Creativity and Frustration

It’s not easy. It’s not supposed to be. Coming up with a creative solution is not an everyday thing, that’s why they are creative in the first place. But when you have to do it on an everyday basis, to earn your bread and butter, frustration becomes a part of life. (No idea what it’s like? Refer to the visual!)

But the beautiful irony here is that without having a great intensity of frustration it’s impossible to attain the highest level of serenity. Tougher it is, more is the satisfaction when you grab success with both hands. (Look at the visual and let your imagination run wild.)

I feel being a creative person is like being a superhero. Have you ever heard any of those cape crusaders say something like – “Nah! I didn’t sign up for that.” or “If I have to save the world I can’t do it in 10-minute-deadlines.” or “I deserve a raise or I ain’t fighting the bad guys.”

When you are creative you can think more, see more, visualise more, create more, experience more and do a lot more. But when you have this ability to do so much more, naturally you’ll be frustrated more than others. (Getting bored? Well, in that case look at the profound visual again.)

The biggest challenge about being creative is doing something that matters and doing it the way it has never been done before. Achieving the former half is relatively easy. But for the latter half one has to push oneself constantly. It’s never easy but it’s always worth it. Being creative is all about being insane yet making sense, but mostly we face problems when we start acting normal. Because a creative person should be everything but normal. Mainly because there’s nothing noteworthy about being normal, I would rather stay frustrated, stay foolish, stay hungry (just like Mr. Jobs said) to stay creative. More than talent it’s a state of mind. Conditioning your mind to stay frustrated yet stay positive. (If I’m not making much sense look at the great visual one more time and just move on. Gosh! What all you can find on Google…)

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The Mighty SMILEacus

Meet the warrior of the 21st century. A slave of the mighty corporate empire. A gladiator who fights against the odds everyday; the ones that are referred as deadlines in the modern times. Challenges are big in front of him, always. And they are better armed, always. His Colosseum is just a 4×4 ft cubicle. And his boss gives him a thumbs up or thumbs down from his cabin. He doesn’t lives for anyone’s approval, but for his survival he needs it. People around him boo him when he underperforms and cheer for him when he pushes himself hard, but the truth is they don’t really care about him. He is just a mere source of entertainment to them. Who knew that gladiators would one day play a role of a jester. A really wild, violent and bleeding joker.

His only weapon, his only chance of survival, his only shot at glory is his SMILE. He smiles when he feels weak or alone or defeated or hurt. He thinks of freedom, he smiles. He thinks of his family, he smiles. He dreams, he smiles. Smiling for him is not just a way to stay optimistic but a way to live life, a strategy to survive the big blows that he gets in this everyday bleeding battle called life.

(The figure actually depicts a Spartan helmet and not a Gladiator helmet. I chose it since it was easy to draw!)


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Where do I see myself in the next leap year…

FEB 29. This is the the seventh time we are meeting. I don’t see you that often. It’s not your fault. All those glorified astrologers / astronomers / calendar makers / date setters couldn’t really figure out how long an actual year is so they came up with you.

Which brings me to the eternal question –  How old is a person who is born on FEB 29? And when exactly should their birthday be celebrated when it’s not a leap year? Feb 28 or Mar 1?

Well, thank god I’m not one of them. But there is another question that I would like to ask myself. Where do I see myself in the next leap year, i.e. 2016 (keeping Mayan’s prophecy of doomsday aside and keeping the eternal hope of survival in our hearts alive).

  • I hope I will stop monologuing here and will have a decent number of followers for this blog
  • I hope I will become a creative director
  • I hope I will pursue my dream of film making OR going on a world tour OR having a girlfriend for that matter
  • I hope I’ll still have these strong shiny hair and not even a minute bald spot
  • I hope I will learn cooking; actual cooking not just making instant noodles and other survival food
  • I hope my Harley Davidson will be parked in my garage and not just in my dreams
  • I hope I’ll have a garage and a home attached to it
  • I hope I’ll have atleast two more tattoos
  • I hope that by the next leap year comes I’ll stop hoping and start having 🙂
  • And finally, I hope I can be a better 29-year-old human being by the time the next FEB 29 comes around
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Laugh Out Loud!


because life is too stupid to be taken seriously,
because it is funny when someone slips on a banana peel,
because there are enough sitcoms on TV and internet,
because life IS all fun and games,
because as a kid you never had to find a reason to laugh,
because that’s how easy ‘being happy’ is,
because you have at least one hangover story to boast of,
because if you don’t have one you can create it, right now,
because it is one of the best ways to de-stress,
because people around you are characters,
because you can always find a friendly neighbourhood dog,
because statistics reveal that 88.7% people look better when they laugh,
because you can always make up stupid statistics,
because life isn’t going exactly how you planned yet you still make plans,
because you know in hindsight every experience is a good one,
because laughing your heart out is one of the simplest things to do,
because life is too stupid to be taken seriously.

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Dear Ray Ban,


For 2100 bucks, at the age of 21, you were one of my first biggest investments. And since then both of us have come a long way. At that time, I just wanted to replicate the Tom-Cruise-Top-Gun look. With time, the looks kept changing but you were always there, you became more than just a fashion accessory. You became my buddy.

Soon I realized the true powers of your jet black slightly convex lenses, they made my eyes invisible. They acted like a shield. With you, I had the powers of concealing my emotions. With a little bit of eye and neck movement training I could checkout any girl, ogle at her, at length, and she would have no clue what I was up to (sorry ladies, but that’s how 21-year-olds think).

By the time I was 23. I was on my own. Independent and Scared. Metropolitans are great, but initially they are a little tough to get used to. Especially, when your eyes reflect innocence and naivety. They say –“Hi, I’m new here and you can easily exploit me.” Well, that’s what happens when your face has round edges, when your hair are neatly combed to the left, and your eyes have a baby-like-curiosity. Then I took you out of your brown case and wore you whenever I was out. And as they say looks can be deceiving, now I looked mature, experienced and ready to take on the world, well that’s how bully autowallas, greedy shopkeepers, my landlord and many others started perceiving me. Thank you for saving my ass!

Then you did me the biggest favour, when I really needed it, when time was really tough, when I was really alone. There were moments in my life when stopping my tears was not in my control and they came out without any prior notification. In front of strangers, in public transport, in markets, in office, anywhere and everywhere. Thanks to your two-inch-long frame it was easy to control those two inches of initial tears. And behind those dark glasses I could hide my black tears (metaphorical, of course).

Thank you for not making me look vulnerable when I really was. Thank you for making me invisible when I just didn’t want to be seen. Thank you for all those admiring glances I got from the fairer sex because of the tuff-guy image that you gave me. Thank you for saving me from getting bullied. Thank you for saving my eyes from ultra violet rays, afterall that’s what you were supposed to do, initially.

Thank You,

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resting watchin restling!

yeah i’m watching wrestling on a lazy sunday afternoon
with my paunch sitting in front the idiot box like a buffoon

primarily i watch it for the divas which are like a ‘bum ka gola’
but from time to time i hoot for those 6-pack ab monsters slurping on my cola

i still remember how i wanted to grow up and become like undertaker
well, it seems my liking was more intense for cakes, cookies and the neighbourhood baker

mostly, women would think watching wrestling is stupid
on the contrary to see other men beat the hell out of each other is highly intrepid

some women would tell you to be real, wrestling is fake
well, real stuff is overrated for guys, i bet any Pam Anderon’s poster at stake

if you are a woman/girl do share your feelings and tell me what do you think
and remember, alllaaahhaaaaaaaallllaaaahhhhhhh IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK

seeing violence on TV gives us a vicarious high, and we don’t anymore feel like a bozo
don’t interrupt any guys’  submission to adrenaline, ’cause Stone Cold said so

in fact, i suggest, let your friends, boyfriends and brothers enjoy their glee
’cause, unless you accept people for who they really are, it’s more like – U can’t see me

well gotta go…my pizza is here and randy orton is going for a pin
hope to have a physique and charm like these guys ‘one fine din’

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