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And no, I’m not talking about the ones who criticise you to make you better. I’m not talking about friends who pull your leg when you fail. In fact, maybe it’s not about other individuals. Unfriend the little pesky non-believer in you if you have to.

The reasons for doing so:

  • These are people who never had their own “Everest”, so it’s not just that they don’t believe in you, they are probably incapable of understanding you. Isn’t that the first premise of any friendship/relationship?
  • Their doubt is contagious. Even if your will is as strong and determined as Mohd Ali, sometimes these naysayers punch you out with their expert negative logic (secret: they put weights of their failed past in their boxing gloves).
  • They sometimes make sense. And that’s the most dangerous part. If Edmund Hillary had a friend like this who constantly told him drop the very risky plan to conquer Mt. Everest, it would still be a virgin peak. Men who like to be on top, gimme 5!
  • They will always be there to say, “I told you so” and if your dreams are big you’ll have many failures; you don’t want that kinda negative energy around you when you are already down.
  • If you could time travel, you’d know these people won’t do anything spectacular with their lives. They would happily be the puppet of time/situation/peer pressure/so-called-righteousness/system/government/dysfunctional family and of course luck.
  • So unfriend them today, because an year from now you would regret not taking an action even though a great post warned you about these demons who feed on your dreams.

Good night.

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Creativity and Frustration

It’s not easy. It’s not supposed to be. Coming up with a creative solution is not an everyday thing, that’s why they are creative in the first place. But when you have to do it on an everyday basis, to earn your bread and butter, frustration becomes a part of life. (No idea what it’s like? Refer to the visual!)

But the beautiful irony here is that without having a great intensity of frustration it’s impossible to attain the highest level of serenity. Tougher it is, more is the satisfaction when you grab success with both hands. (Look at the visual and let your imagination run wild.)

I feel being a creative person is like being a superhero. Have you ever heard any of those cape crusaders say something like – “Nah! I didn’t sign up for that.” or “If I have to save the world I can’t do it in 10-minute-deadlines.” or “I deserve a raise or I ain’t fighting the bad guys.”

When you are creative you can think more, see more, visualise more, create more, experience more and do a lot more. But when you have this ability to do so much more, naturally you’ll be frustrated more than others. (Getting bored? Well, in that case look at the profound visual again.)

The biggest challenge about being creative is doing something that matters and doing it the way it has never been done before. Achieving the former half is relatively easy. But for the latter half one has to push oneself constantly. It’s never easy but it’s always worth it. Being creative is all about being insane yet making sense, but mostly we face problems when we start acting normal. Because a creative person should be everything but normal. Mainly because there’s nothing noteworthy about being normal, I would rather stay frustrated, stay foolish, stay hungry (just like Mr. Jobs said) to stay creative. More than talent it’s a state of mind. Conditioning your mind to stay frustrated yet stay positive. (If I’m not making much sense look at the great visual one more time and just move on. Gosh! What all you can find on Google…)

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Status Quo or Change Quotient. Take your pick.

Same old stuff or something new? Everyday routine or something refreshing? Your regular or chef’s special? Most of the people prefer the ‘usual’ usually. Because it’s an easy option or a no-brainer. But what’s ironic is that we complain that are lives are not exciting enough.

Well, one possible reason is that we are too stuck with the ‘tried and tested’. Just because you take black coffee with no sugar doesn’t mean one day you can’t opt for mango slush instead, and have a blueberry cheesecake along with it. Just to shake things up. Yes, you are not going to win a lottery everyday, your life’s not going to change drastically in a jiffy, but just doing something that’s ‘not you’ might make you feel happy and excited. One day just take a different route to your office or a different medium of transport, or just take an off for no reason (I hope my boss doesn’t read this), or just say hi to your office janitor whom you usually ignore everyday. You’ll feel something different and most probably something nice about yourself.

We give way too much importance to our everyday lives, we become a black coffee with no sugar person, we become a subway person, we become  accounts department-fourth floor-8th cubicle from the right person, we become a person who just wants to finish the day’s work to go home to live our everyday lives.

They say familiarity breeds contempt. We become so familiar, so used to being us that we stop respecting ourselves, we forget that we can be a lot more. We forget that we can surprise ourselves. We make our status quo our modus vivendi, our lifestyle, an integral part of our personality. But the irony is that no matter how much you love being the daily you, life will change you, right from your hairline to your waist line, your opinions, your relationships, your dreams, your expectations, everything.

Having a Change Quotient, however, helps better. Not just embrace change, look forward to it, enjoy it, be ready for it, be excited about it. Yes, new things are a little scary, but that doesn’t mean they are not worth trying. Yes, you might fail but life is not a Mortal Combat game where you can achieve flawless victory in every encounter. And if there is one saying that has stood the test of time is “change is the biggest constant”. So, isn’t it pretty simple? Wanna find happiness in this ever-changing world, develop a Change Quotient.

How do you do it?

  • By letting yourself go, stop being a control freak, stop trying too hard
  • Stop cribbing,  smile instead
  • Tell your self if old is gold, new is not bad either
  • By believing that heaven is not going to fall if you try to change a few things
  • Experiment, a lot
  • Discard the fear of failure, most of the times it’s stupid and unproductive
  • Get rid of those inner demons like apprehensions, presumptions, prejudice, cowardice, and believes like “I cannot do this”
  • Ask me or some other pseudo shrink for further details 🙂
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But why Superman? Why not a tribal design or a skull or something like a skull with flames…?

This Superman tattoo (or the S-shield tattoo as my dear fellow nerds would say) that you can see on my neck was my twenty fifth birthday present to myself. And yes, it’s real. And yes, it hurts when you get a tattoo done. And yes, it’s gonna stay there forever because it’s real. Phew… now I have answered the most Frequently Asked Questions I have been getting since I’ve got myself inked.

Now I’ll try to answer a few more evolved questions. Some have been asked, and some, I am sure will be asked in the times to come.

  1. Why not Batman?
    Hmm… I more of a morning person, and unfortunately, not a billionaire. I operate alone and I hate sidekicks that wear hideous costumes of red, yellow and green. And I consider being a superhero is always better than being a vigilante. And again, I really, really like to sleep at nights.
  2. Why not go for some cool tribal art design?
    I like to see myself as a sophisticated, urban, not-into-voodoo kind of a guy. That’s why.
  3. Why not have a pierced heart (where a dagger goes through a heart and something like True Love is written…)?
    Why have it in ink when you already have one inside?
  4. What about Dragons?
    Flame throwing dragons…they remind me of an incident when I hogged on hot Mexican food and had severe gastric trouble. My burp was lethal enough to kill a full cavalry of nights…so…NO.
  5. Pinup girls are sexy…aren’t they?
    They indeed are my friend. They are indeed. But there are a lot of “if onlys” involved (if you know what I mean).
  6. Hey, you should go for spiders and bugs…those creepy crawly thingies…
    Maybe, but I am too scared of being targeted with fly swatters, rolled-up newspapers and other home-stuff that turns into bug squashers.
  7. And most importantly…Why Superman?
    Superman flies; he flies high. He’s free. He’s strong and he never gives up. He’s the original superhero. He lives for the people. He’s a people friendly superhero, he smiles and they wave back at him. Whenever there’s trouble he’s ready, all he has to do is take his shirt off. He’s different, he doesn’t belong with the earthlings yet he keeps serving them without asking for anything. And despite of all the differences he’s just like us. He needs his space, thus, the Fortress of Solitude, and he has his weaknesses in Kryptonite. Yet he always finds his way. He’s an optimist. And he wears spectacles when he’s Clark Kent, and incidentally I have a similar frame. Last but not the least Superman and I, both have the same first initial. 😛

There’s a superhero in all of us. We all were born to achieve greatness in our own ways. We fight the bad guys, sometimes they are out sometimes they lie within. We all face challenges on a daily basis. We all want to be free, we all want to fly. This ridiculously gutsy tattoo (as one of my dearest friends once called it) reminds me of what all I can be. It tells me to stay strong no matter what comes your way. It is a reminder to myself that I am meant for special things in life and giving up is not an option.

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Where do I see myself in the next leap year…

FEB 29. This is the the seventh time we are meeting. I don’t see you that often. It’s not your fault. All those glorified astrologers / astronomers / calendar makers / date setters couldn’t really figure out how long an actual year is so they came up with you.

Which brings me to the eternal question –  How old is a person who is born on FEB 29? And when exactly should their birthday be celebrated when it’s not a leap year? Feb 28 or Mar 1?

Well, thank god I’m not one of them. But there is another question that I would like to ask myself. Where do I see myself in the next leap year, i.e. 2016 (keeping Mayan’s prophecy of doomsday aside and keeping the eternal hope of survival in our hearts alive).

  • I hope I will stop monologuing here and will have a decent number of followers for this blog
  • I hope I will become a creative director
  • I hope I will pursue my dream of film making OR going on a world tour OR having a girlfriend for that matter
  • I hope I’ll still have these strong shiny hair and not even a minute bald spot
  • I hope I will learn cooking; actual cooking not just making instant noodles and other survival food
  • I hope my Harley Davidson will be parked in my garage and not just in my dreams
  • I hope I’ll have a garage and a home attached to it
  • I hope I’ll have atleast two more tattoos
  • I hope that by the next leap year comes I’ll stop hoping and start having 🙂
  • And finally, I hope I can be a better 29-year-old human being by the time the next FEB 29 comes around
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Dear Ray Ban,


For 2100 bucks, at the age of 21, you were one of my first biggest investments. And since then both of us have come a long way. At that time, I just wanted to replicate the Tom-Cruise-Top-Gun look. With time, the looks kept changing but you were always there, you became more than just a fashion accessory. You became my buddy.

Soon I realized the true powers of your jet black slightly convex lenses, they made my eyes invisible. They acted like a shield. With you, I had the powers of concealing my emotions. With a little bit of eye and neck movement training I could checkout any girl, ogle at her, at length, and she would have no clue what I was up to (sorry ladies, but that’s how 21-year-olds think).

By the time I was 23. I was on my own. Independent and Scared. Metropolitans are great, but initially they are a little tough to get used to. Especially, when your eyes reflect innocence and naivety. They say –“Hi, I’m new here and you can easily exploit me.” Well, that’s what happens when your face has round edges, when your hair are neatly combed to the left, and your eyes have a baby-like-curiosity. Then I took you out of your brown case and wore you whenever I was out. And as they say looks can be deceiving, now I looked mature, experienced and ready to take on the world, well that’s how bully autowallas, greedy shopkeepers, my landlord and many others started perceiving me. Thank you for saving my ass!

Then you did me the biggest favour, when I really needed it, when time was really tough, when I was really alone. There were moments in my life when stopping my tears was not in my control and they came out without any prior notification. In front of strangers, in public transport, in markets, in office, anywhere and everywhere. Thanks to your two-inch-long frame it was easy to control those two inches of initial tears. And behind those dark glasses I could hide my black tears (metaphorical, of course).

Thank you for not making me look vulnerable when I really was. Thank you for making me invisible when I just didn’t want to be seen. Thank you for all those admiring glances I got from the fairer sex because of the tuff-guy image that you gave me. Thank you for saving me from getting bullied. Thank you for saving my eyes from ultra violet rays, afterall that’s what you were supposed to do, initially.

Thank You,

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What you hear when you are a bad listener.

I have been told at least 1000 times that I am a bad listener.
And I agree.

I don’t think it’s entirely a bad thing though.
Here’s why:

  1. They tell me “it’s not possible”, “you are day dreaming”, “it’s too good to be true”, “get real”, “you can’t do it” and the last but certainly not the least, my favourite, “I told you so”. Being a bad listener helps in shunning all the negativity offered.
  2. I don’t play safe. I fail. I smile. I do it again. But I don’t regret.
  3. I could get my ears pierced though everyone thought it was a bad decision.
  4. Do you think it’s easy to keep more than 30 beard styles for people who are really good listeners?
  5. I don’t have to follow any new fashion / trend.
  6. I get to meet people who are bad listeners just like me.
  7. And I can hang out with them, no matter how many people tell me not to!
  8. I can do impulsive shopping.
  9. I can order a pizza with extra cheese (love it when they fill liquid cheese in the crust too!), large coke, garlic bread, again with cheese and to top it all a muffin with liquid chocolate inside. A sinfully appetizing diet, one of the many advantages of not feeding your head with diet-conscious comments.
  10. I can fall  in love, though they tell me it hurts (unfortunately they are right), but still, I can muster all the courage in the world to do it again.

So, a conclusion, not that it matters, cause they tell me, life, unlike fiction, is not supposed to make sense; but bad listeners like me don’t stop just because of that, do we? In my experience I have realised that when you stop listening to others you hear something majestic, something surreal, something that’s customised for you and something that pushes you to the right path, something that tells you not to listen to anything else. That inner voice is the only thing a bad listener like me would always listen to with all the undivided attention in the world.

P.S.: If you don’t agree with me or you feel any different then feel free to keep your mouth shut, because I am a bad listener!

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Real Smile. Real Smilies.

Hmmm…I’m not really a smiley person. Or let’s just say I’m really unaware of their variety, types and effects. Most of the times I have no clue what people mean when they just randomly place colons, semicolons, apostrophe and other seldom-used characters in the English language. So, I did what every person who belongs to this era does, when in doubt, GOOGLE.

Found this amazing list. http://www.webopedia.com/quick_ref/textmessageabbreviations_02.asp

They have a smiley for a chef, liar, pig smile, bunny (seriously, you have to be a texting artist to create it!), The one I really liked is this :-($)

It means, put your money where your mouth is!

Well, I am not sure whether having so many smilies matters or not, but I think, the thing that really matters is that when you send a smiley, try to actually smile too. Image

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