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Here’s to bad decisions!

It’s Friday night. Some of you should be half drunk by now and if you are not, your bartender is doing a lousy job. Even if you are at home, like me, with an ice cream tub in hand, raise it and make a toast to all the things that didn’t go your way.

Why you wonder? Because one of the greatest poets of all time, Mr. Kanye West said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Example?

Shitty jobs remind us the value of life.

Horrible bosses make us humble and detail-oriented.

Bad relationships teach us how important friendship is.

Bad friends are a lesson in trust and honesty.

Being in a bad shape motivates us to run.

Running out of breath tells us to quit smoking.

All the resentments make us think.

And thinking leads us everywhere.

So next time…

Try and turn a “damn” into “damn good”.


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